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cupcakeMAG shops: Declaration Boutique and Events!

Recently, I’ve the true delight of chatting with Lara Kocerka, owner of Declaration Boutique and Events in St. Augustine, Florida. Whether you are a native of the North Florida area or a visiting snowbird migrating temporarily for a warm and sunny summer, you must make a detour to historic St. Augustine to visit. You’ll find various pretty things to pick out for yourself, but what I love most about Declaration Boutique and Events is its gift-giving potential.

My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is give gifts, and on top of that I’m known for giving the very best ones! With these high standards to uphold (a please, I know I’m not the only one like this!) picking our the perfect gift is made easy AND fun when shopping at Declaration. There is so much to choose from and it’s all lovely. Luckily, if you can’t make it in person, they have a fabulously kept website you can visit anytime...even past store hours!! But enough about what I have to say, let’s get the inside scoop on this new whimsical and delightful shop in the nation’s oldest city.

Lauren Gonzalez: When did you first open the store? And when did you start the online website?

Lara Kocerka: Declaration Boutique and Events opened on August 13, 2010. The shop is on a cobblestone street in historic St. Augustine, Florida. Our website launched around the same time as the doors opened. It started out very simply and has really developed over the past few months. We now have an online boutique and are always updating the portfolio section of the site as well!

LG: How do you pick the products to sell in the store?

LK: This is my favorite part! It really is a fun process searching for the next great product! I look through magazines, devour blogs, jot down inspiration from other fabulous boutiques and spend countless hours googling. Ideas can pop into my head at any time, and I get creative spirts throughout the day. Everything inspires me... so I try to come up with fresh new ideas and products all of the time!

{how cute is this shop?}

LG: How do you want the store to feel to customers who come in? What kind of experience are you hoping to create for them?

LK: I want the boutique to feel cozy, whimsical, fun and charming, all at the same time. I hope that everyone who walks in the door has to circle the shop a few times just to see everything. I love to create a cute and surprising shop, full of clever and unique items!

LG: What are some of the things you purchase for the shop and can't live without?

LK: When I buy for the store, I don't purchase anything I'm not in love with. Between my Mom and I, we normally "die" over everything in the shop! When a new shipment arrives, it's like Christmas! The store is 100% a reflection of my passion, style and favorite things! I always end up with a few new things from the shop every month :-)

LG: Do you have an local artists/designers who create things for you to sell? Tell me about them!!

LK: We carry items from all over the world!! I'm very proud of that fact and love all of the brands we sell.

LG: What do you love most about your job? What makes it feel like less of a job and more of a passion?

LK: I am passionate about all aspects of my job. I love designing, merchandising, customer service, packaging... and even the tough parts, long hours and accounting. I get to work with the most wonderful people and am truly living my dream.

LG: If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

LK: All neutrals are my favorite...white, cream, grey, navy and black! I like to accessorize with color :-)

{Cotton Candy Zippy Pouch}

LG: How would you describe your personal style?

LK: I'm a girly girl at heart, but when I am dressing, I believe that less is more! I love basics, soft fabrics and great accessories.

{something for your Littles too!}

LG: There is a lot of attention to detail on the website, the store and in the products you carry. I feel like that makes you unique to other stores. What else makes the store unique? And how do you find these detailed things to sell?

LK: Not only do we have the boutique, but I am also an event and paper goods designer. I work with clients to create invitations, favors and other wedding and event details. I think having a boutique that doubles as a design studio, makes us stand out from others!

The window displays are my absolute favorite aspect of DBE. I have dreamt about having my own window for as long as I can remember and love to design fun, creative displays. I also love to to add detail to the merchandise we receive. Whether it be a bow or packaging it slightly different, I love to really make everything special!!!

{LOVE these Golden Bangles}

LG: What are your most popular items?

LK: The popular items really rotate in the shop. Our Emergency Kits, especially our new baby and wedding day, are one of our best sellers! They are a staple at DBE and I'm always coming up with new Kit ideas.

{Wedding Day Emergency Kit}

LG: What do you foresee for the future of Declaration Boutique?

LK: I've had many people ask if we have multiple locations. That is a true dream and I would love to open a few more doors ;-)

I hope to continue to grow and become a destination location for events and specialty gifts!

LG: Is there anything about Declaration Boutique that you want people to know about that hasn’t been covered?

LK: DBE is truly a family affair. I never could have imagined owning my dream business... and was able to start because of my family. I work side by side with Mom all day and the rest of my family helps out quite a bit!

{LOVE conquers ALL}

Check out more in person at their storefront on 210 St. George Street in St. Augustine, Florida or online now!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Editors' Pick: YOU Lingerie! PLUS a giveaway!

For those of you who know, it was just a few weeks ago I gave birth to Sadie - my 4th girl. Well, during my pregnancy there was a little something I couldn't be without and seriously fell in love with...if only I would have come across You! Lingerie a few pregancies ago! Yep, I was finally able to forget hideous maternity and nursing bras. We all know how much we hate those big old granny panties when your preggers so I opted for something a little more sexy and chic. My pick? The Bella Cerise collection. A little lace and hot pink...what's not to love?

Stylish. Playful. Affordable Luxury! ..... for the fashionista momma in YOU!
Allow me to introduce you the amazing lady behind You! Lingerie.
Read on to get to know all about the brand and win a little something for yourself!

{1} Tell us about yourself and You! Lingerie.

My name is Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger, I am mom to my adorable 2yr old daughter and the founder of You! Lingerie. You! Lingerie is a maternity and nursing lingerie brand that targets fashionista moms.

I got my MBA from Duke and knew that I would eventually pursue entrepreneurship but I was unsure about the What and When. I also had a passion for brand management – I was in love with the idea of anticipating consumer needs and creating brands and products that meet those needs in the market. So I pursued a career in the consumer packaged good industry at a Fortune 100 company prior to starting You! Lingerie.

{2} When did you come up with the brilliant idea to start You! Lingerie?

It was actually really simple. After I had my daughter two years ago, it was impossible to find nursing bras that were pretty and affordable. During my frustrating search, my options were limited to purely functional nursing lingerie that was void of any color and pizzazz. And when I did find ones that were somewhat cute, I was left with stick shock from exorbitantly priced nursing lingerie that did not provide the comfort and support I was looking for. I was used to wearing beautiful and sexy lingerie before I became pregnant. I hated the idea of wearing just plain black or nude functional nursing bras. So I did what most expecting and breastfeeding moms do, I reluctantly settled for the bland options because I could not justify paying an exuberant amount of money for one. At that time, I believed that there was a huge void in the maternity market. I mean when you are pregnant or if you just had a baby, your hormones are all over the place and you may not feel like your sexy self. Everyone knows that beautiful lingerie can make a woman feel sexy and confident. I passionately believed in the idea that Fabulous + Affordable nursing lingerie were possible. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and use my experience in brand management to start You! Lingerie. You! Lingerie brings beautiful, high quality, luxurious, sexy nursing bras to stylish moms at an affordable price. Since our launch in October last year, we are sold in numerous maternity stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Bahamas.

{3} When designing, what do you keep in mind to make your lingerie so super-cute & stylish? No Grandma nursing bras here!

You! Lingerie is designed to embrace and celebrate your new body shape during pregnancy and nursing. And of course, when I design, all the elements of fine lingerie, luxurious soft fabrics, vibrant colors are a MUST! Our maternity and nursing lingerie are designed with a fashionista mom in mind, so definitely no "grandma" nursing bras here.

{4} Do you have a favorite from the line?

It is really hard to pick a favorite. It's like someone asking you to pick a favorite from your children. I absolutely LOVE them all.

{5} What is up next for You! Lingerie?

We are very excited about the future of You! Lingerie. We are planning on adding some more fabulous styles and sizes. We are also planning on adding some new products too, all with the goal of making expecting and breastfeeding mamas feel confident and look beautiful.

cucpakeMAG loves You! Lingerie because........

- Affordable! With a price tag of $29.99-34.99
- Super soft cups! This means no under wire we have to worry about coming apart which seems to be happening with many bras lately.
                                    - Very easy nursing clips make for convenient one handed opening
- Matching panties - the look has to come together right?
- Luxury! The sexy fabric and color combos with soft lining prevent chafing.
- Our gals have never looked better. Boob job? Nope. Just You! Lingerie!

Don't forget to  join the You! List newsletter for You! Lingerie news and exclusive discounts!

{All Things You! Lingerie}


Lucky for our readers one of YOU can win a free nursing set (choice of bra and panties) just for YOU! Makes the perfect gift too! 

Read on to enter now! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Featured Blogger -- Jenn, The Stylish Housewife!

It was love at first tweet. Yep, once again, we thank social media for introducing us to the lovely writings of The Stylish Housewife. We are thrilled to introduce you to Jenn -- one of our favorite stylish housewives ever! Love her. Love the site. Love everything about this Stylish Housewife. 

{1} Tell us a little about yourself and your blog, The Stylish Housewife.

I started my blog The Stylish Housewife after my husband and I decided that I would be a stay at home mom. After I had my son, I realized that I started wearing the same thing every pants and a t-shirt (and sometimes I stayed in my pj's a little too long). Then I came across the 30 for 30 challenge over on Kendi Everyday and it changed the way I looked at my closet. I used to look in my closet and think I had nothing to wear and now I feel like the possibilities are endless! I LOVE finding outfit inspiration on my favorite blogs and it makes me SO happy when readers comment on my blog that I've inspired them! 

{neon & neutrals}
{2} What made you decide to enter the blogging world?

I started blogging back in 2008 and have a wedding website called Bridalinquirer which I started after planning my own wedding on a budget. I wasn't sure how to transition it into a personal "life after the wedding" blog so I started my new blog! I have made SO many "friends" through blogging and twitter. I just really LOVE the blogging community. There is SO much inspiration out there!!!

{we LOVE her fun manicures}
{3} What blogs do you make sure to read daily? 

Oh my gosh...there are SO many! But I read Cupcakes & Cashmere, Love Maegan, Hollywood Housewife and Atlantic-Pacific EVERY day.

{4} What is your favorite OOTD? 

Right now I am addicted to maxi dresses and skirts! They are so easy to dress up or down and are SO comfy! I am LOVING all of the fun prints and bold colors too. 

{everybody everywear: the maxi dress}
{5}  How would you describe your personal style? 

My first thought is feminine. I love dresses and actually feel more comfortable in dresses than in jeans. But I love trying new trends and challenging myself fashion-wise. I actually texted one of my BFF's to ask her how she would describe my style and she said "clean and feminine". Then she said I was definitely a "Carrie Bradshaw from SATC". What a compliment...I wish! =)

{6} What are some of your favorite style tips? 

I used to think that you should get rid of things you haven't worn in over a year, but starting my blog has turned me into a bit of a hoarder so now I say hold on to EVERYTHING. Odds are that it will be back in style! My best advice is probably to splurge on classic pieces that won't go out of style and go cheaper on the trendy stuff. But most of all, wear what makes YOU feel good!

{A few of Jenn's favorite things here}
{7} What is up next for The Stylish Housewife

I am looking forward to blogger features, more giveaways and maybe even a clothing swap or two. I have also done a "favorite things" gift exchange with another blogger and we are both going to reveal what we got each other on our blogs! I am a BIG fan of blogging events of all kinds so if you have a link up, I'd love to hear about it! I hope you will stop by and say hello! 

How can you not love The Stylish Housewife? Seriously adore Jenn! 

{grab her badge, add it to your blog!}

{All Things The Stylish Housewife}

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Featured Blogger -- Ashley of Pink Julep Abroad!

We first connected with super sweet Ashley of Pink Julep Abroad on Twitter -- quite sometime ago. We were immediately smitten with her blog, Pink Julep Abroad and immediately became a follower. Not only is she a true lover of fashion but she is one of the nicest gals in cyber space and the blogging world. We just seriously...adore her

{1} Tell us a little about yourself and your blog, Pink Julep.
I'm originally from Eastern Kentucky where I was born and raised in a very small town, but I've lived in Miami, New York City and the Cayman Islands. I graduated from the University of Miami with a theatre degree. I'm married to a wonderful Irishman I met in New York. He's an accountant and we now live in London. I'm not currently working, but I have previously worked in theatre, film and finance. I love fashion and beauty, art, film, books, cooking, travelling and anything fabulous!
Pink Julep Abroad is a lifestyle blog that features all the things I love as well as tidbits about my life in London. It's all me and it's real. I feel like if you read the blog regularly, then you pretty much know me. I know that I'm blessed with the opportunity to travel and live abroad, so I'm excited to share my experiences! I see Pink Julep Abroad as an opportunity to create my online scrapbook of inspirations, adventures, loves and favorite things while connecting with others!

{2} What made you decide to enter the blogging world?

I was living in the Cayman Islands and quite frankly, I was bored. I didn't know many people and living on a beachy island can be dull when you're used to big city life. So I was on Facebook and Myspace a lot, living vicariously through all my friends with their exciting lives, when I discovered that 2 girls I knew were both writing blogs. I was really into reading about every detail and looking at photos of their adventures, their fashion choices and their travels. Through their blogs, I started reading a few others and then thought, I want to do that too! I had always worked in very creative environments and been very busy after hours with seeing theatre shows and attending events, but being in the foreign world of finance, I felt a bit lost and like I didn't have any projects I particularly enjoyed, so this became my project. My husband came up with the name and in the beginning, we were living in a new apartment with no internet so I would drag him out to Dunkin Donuts where I created the blog and wrote my posts. It was originally titled Pink Julep, but once we decided to move to London I hired an artist to create my header, another artist to design the layout and general aesthetic, and I changed the name to Pink Julep Abroad.

{we LOVE Ashley's style! get the details here.}
{3} What blogs do you make sure to read daily?
I read a lot of blogs, but some of my favorites are Go Fug Yourself, Day Old News, May December, Pretty in Pink Megan, Summer is a Verb, The Blonde Salad, The Love List and cupcakeMAG of course! I've been reading most of these blogs for years and they all inspire me in one way or another. Actually, Pretty in Pink Megan was one of the first blogs I followed. Most of these girls feel like pals even though I've never met any of them before. 
{4} How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think my personal style is "city chic." City girls actually have to think about what we put on before we leave the house. We need comfort, function and fashion! Most of us don't have the luxury of driving everywhere we go so most of the time you'll find me in classic basics and separates, usually in neutral colors with bold accessories and fairly comfortable shoes. I tend to wear a lot of black, but I love to jazz it up with a fuschia clutch and some turquoise jewelry!

{5} What are some of your favorite style tips?
1. Everything looks better when you wear it with confidence!
2. Put a ring on it! Cocktail rings are the best accessories, especially when you're in a hurry!
3. When in doubt, wear black. You rarely look underdressed or overdressed in an LBD or an all black pants look. Also, it's the perfect blank canvas for great accessories! 
4. Experiment! Don't be afraid to try something new with your look! 
5. Nail polish is a great and cheap accessory! Learn how to pain your own nails and rock the season's hottest colors! If nail polish isn't your thing, you can totally change the look of an outfit with the right lipstick, like Kirsten Dunst recently did when she wore red lips with a yellow dress at Cannes!

{6} What is your favorite part about living in London?

Honestly, the food! England has a bad reputation for food and it's just not true. Most packaged foods here have real ingredients, organic foods are more readily available here and more affordable than anywhere else I've lived and the grocery stores are fabulous! I also love all the gourmet shops, fresh markets and luxury food halls like in Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. In our neighborhood alone there are more international restaurant choices than you could imagine. We have Japanese, Italian, Lebonese, Indian, Chinese, Thai, British, French, Mexican, Spanish, Brazillian, Portugese and more, and it's all on our doorstep! I can literally walk across the street from my flat on a Sunday morning for freshly baked bread, warm just out of the oven pastries and fresh organic, locally grown fruit. It's amazing!

{7} What is up next for Pink Julep?

I've been experimenting with new photography and video options and I'm hoping to continually improve the look of my posts with better photography, photo editing, post layouts and more video posts. I'm on the lookout all the time for new exciting things to blog about or events to attend and I have some exciting things lined up in the near future. I've also revamped my 2nd blog which laid dormant for a while, but is back up and running. It's called Pink Julep's Dressing Room. It's basically a look book of my personal style. I'm very excited about the future of both Pink Julep Abroad and Pink Julep's Dressing Room!

Make sure you follow Ashley on both of her blogs and LIKE Pink Julep on Facebook

{Photo Credit: All images from Pink Julep}

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Featured Blogger -- Andy of Poppies at Play!

One day during our blog browsing we came across a little something golden.....
that little something is Poppies at Play. We love their motto: dream it. create it. love it.
IT immediately caught our eye which is why it was a MUST to include Andy on our list of favorite blogs!
We are thrilled to introduce you to Andy and her blog - along with her beautiful work.

{1} Tell us about yourself & your blog, Poppies at Play.

Hello! My name is Andy and I am the author of Poppies at Play! I am married to Joe and together we have 5 beautiful children. The Joe works as a shop teacher at the local junior high and his interest in woodworking really gave me a desire to learn how to use power tools. I've developed a great love for creating, building and repurposing. I started blogging a couple of years ago in an effort to develop my creative talents. Poppies at Play is a place for me to house and catalog all of my repurposed furniture, vinyl designs and DIY home accessories. I also annually host a bloggy style parade of homes to showcase the interior design skills of talented bloggers.

{2} When did you realize you wanted to enter the bloggin' world?

When I began blogging I really didn't understand what it meant to enter into the blogging world. It was quite a thrilling surprise to see how many people shared similar hobbies and I am constantly amazed and inspired by woman who are successfully creating a warm and loving environment on a tight budget. I can definitely relate to pinching pennies! I am actually very glad that we don't have a lot of money. It's much more fun and fulfilling to decorate a home from scratch.

{One of Andy's DIY projects. See the kitchen island before here.}

{3} One of the things you show-off on your blog is your vinyls & the many projects you have done with them. When did your love of vinyls begin?

The Joe and I both have a desire to open a small store of our own one day. We thought it would be beneficial for us to own a large vinyl machine. When we first purchased it, I was completely clueless. If I wanted something made, I would ask The Joe to design and print it for me. Over the past two years I have really enjoyed learning about Illustrator and graphic design. Now I frequently use vinyl on my repurposed furniture or to create unique stencils.

I also love to design vinyl signs and have really been blessed by being able to make some extra money by selling vinyl and still have the pleasure of being at home with my children.

If you are interested is seeing which vinyl designs are for sale, you can hop over to The Market.

{4} Do you have a favorite post?

I don't really have a favorite post, but a surprisingly popular idea was Ding Dong Ditching with Ding Dongs. I designed a couple of simple printables to go along with the idea. It was definitely a one of my kids favorite activities!

{5} What are some of your favorite sites & blogs to surf?

One of my favorite sites to visit is Funky Junk Interiors. Donna is an amazing author and I love her tips on blogging and photography as well as her inspiring projects. I also really enjoy stopping by Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge.

{6} Just recently you showed of your home in the Parade of Houses. What is your favorite room in your house & why?

My favorite room in the house is my family room. It's not fancy, but it's the place where we spend the most time together as a family and where we get together with friends. It's also the room that changes most frequently. Maybe it's because I spend so much time looking at it. I'm trying to curb my addiction for change and be content with the way things are for a little while.

I wanted to keep this room very white and clean feeling. It helps to balance out my addiction to bright colors.

{DIY: Picture Frame Bookshelf}

{7} What is your favorite DIY project?

DIY projects are my very favorite!! I love to dream projects up in my head and then try to figure out how to make them come to life. It gives me such a great sense of accomplishment!! I love having The Joe come home from work and be impressed by something that I have built. I am really an amateur woodworker, but I loved building this picture frame bookshelf, our magazine rack, and with The Joe's help, our kitchen island shelf.

{DIY: Magazine Rack}

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Casi and cupcakeMAG for featuring my blog!! It was an honor and I'm so completely flattered by the invitation!

Thank YOU Andy for being so amazing and sharing your blog with us!

Make sure you head over and follow Poppies at Play now and LIKE them on Facebook. Andy would love to have you along for the ride on their brand new page!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cupcakeMAG Featured Blogger -- Kate of Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl really doesn't need an introduction. She is a DIY goddess and as for her site....just, perfection. Thanks to one of our FABulous Featured Bloggers Melissa over at The Inspired Room we were introduced to Kate a few months back and have been somewhat obsessed with her blog since! We are thrilled to share our sit down with Kate and introduce you to Centsational Girl.

{the one & only Kate of Centsatioal Girl. Read more about her here too!}
{1} Tell us about yourself, the one & only Centsational Girl & your site.

My name's Kate and I began my DIY & lifestyle blog Centsational Girl in early 2009 as a fun way to share creative ideas. I'm a lover of great design and all things home improvement, both indoors and out, so I write about what's on my mind in those categories. Food, blogging, and motherhood also find their way into the mix from time to time. I'm a self proclaimed incurable DIYer, so you'll find me doing all sorts of things from installing grasscloth wallpaper to building a laundry room drying rack to teaching myself how to sew double welt cord.

{DIY perfection: thrift store find turned chic}
{2} Do you have a favorite project you have shared so far?

That's like chosing a favorite child, can't do it! I've had my hands in a lot of things, hop on over to browse my entire project gallery.

{You won't believe the BEFORE! See it here.}

{3} When you started Centsational Girl, did you ever think it would have grown to what it has today?

Nope, but that's the incredible power of the internet. I'm amazed how a simple hobby blog has grown into a business, and also a community. My favorite part about this whole escapade is interacting with readers, getting their feedback, and also sharing all of our adventures in DIY projects and home decorating.

{It is quite amazing to see what Kate can do to a wall. See this project here.}

{4} How exciting was it for you being on The Nate Berkus Show?

The first appearance was thrilling! I was just happy to meet Nate, he's so welcoming and has impeccable taste in design. My second appearance was totally surreal, what an honor to be chosen to redesign a great room for a wonderful family! Still pinching myself.

{See Kate's apperances on The Nate Berkus Show here}

{DIY: Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror}
{5} What is up next for Centsational Girl?

Keeping busy with more of the same, and a few more opportunities to work with magazines, you'll see those features when they release over the course of the year. I'm outlining a book, but that will take at least a year to write.

So head over to Centsational Girl now where we promise, you will browse for hours and immediately become inspired by Kate!

Keep up with Centsational Girl on Twitter & Facebook too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Featured Blogger Week begins with Jenny of Evolution of Style!

As you know here at cupcakeMAG we LOVE to show off our favorite sites & bloggers. {see past blog love here} Well, this week begins Featured Blogger Week where we will show off one of our favorite bloggers everyday this week!

We start the week off with Jenny of Evolution of Style!  Jenny is one of the most down-to-earth people and if you haven't started following Evolution of Style we hope you add it to your list now.

{1} Tell us a little about youself and Evolution of Style?

I'm a married working mother of three, with a borderline obsession with everything house and decorating related. I want my HGTV. Now that we're moved into our new place, and getting settled, Evolution of Style has been a great outlet for me to write and share the process of making this new house our own.

{We love this Paneled Headboard Tutorial}
{2} What made you decide to enter the blogging world?

When I discovered buried treasure of decorating blogland, I was overwhelmed and amazed by all of the wonderful ideas and talent out there. Given that I love writing and home design, starting a blog seemed like a great way to marry those hobbies while joining in and sharing my own journey.
{3} What blogs do you make sure to read daily?

Centsational Girl is one of the first blogs that I started reading and literally inspired me into action as a result. She has amazing ideas, and in a weekend I think I painted a couple of pieces of furniture and made an upholstered headboard! I also enjoy Miss Mustard Seed as she has amazing vision and talent with the furniture refinishing she does, and shares her skills with her readers, which I love. Just a Girl and Thrifty Decor Chick are also funny and talented bloggers that inject wonderful humor into their DIY projects.

{See the before want believe what Jenny did!}
{4} What is your favorite piece of decor in your home?

I think my favorite piece of decor would have to be my dining room buffet. It was one of those pieces that I loved for a long time before we purchased it, and I still love how timeless it is, ten years later. It feels like an heirloom piece of furniture, and I can't imagine not having it in my home.

{5} How would you describe your personal style?

Now that we're in a new home and trying to make it our own, I think my personal style is ... evolving. Moving to a new house gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, so we're doing just that. The house had a lot of warm, darker colors and tones when we bought it, and we're in the process of trying to lighten it up. I think the best way to describe my style would be fresh and functional - but it's a work in progress to get my house to reflect that!
{6} What is up next for you and Evolution of Style?

The project list seems to be never-ending with a new home, but I'm looking forward to freshening up my kitchen as one of my next big projects. No matter what, I love sharing the ups and downs with my readers, and if I inspire someone along the way, that is the icing on the cake.

Tomorrow stay tuned for our chat with Kate of Centsational Girl!
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