Friday, December 31, 2010

Color of the Year!

Pantone just announced the 2011 color of the year and well, we couldn't LOVE it more! Also, because it is very close to what our new website color will be!  Honeysuckle is the color cupcakes! What's not to love? 

A Color for All Seasons
Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world. Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. 
It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

cupcakeMAG gets crafty with The Crafting Chicks!

Oh, The Crafting Chicks. How much we adore them? When we came across the site via Ana White it was immediately love at first "site". It is an endless place to get crafty! We could go on and on but we will let this interview and our favorite little things from their site speak for themselves!
                                                                                        {yes, you can make this beautiful kitchen here}
{click here to learn how to make the perfect Quiet Book}
                                            {Fun & Festive Candle Decor here}
Read our sit down with one of the fab crafting chicks, Kirsten Wright!

1.) What inspired The Crafting Chicks?

Three years ago, Crafting Chicks Becky and Jamie were looking for a central location to share their crafty ideas.  Then and there, The Crafting Chicks "hatched", ha ha.  Along the way, the four other crafters gathered together to complete the six-person team we have today.  We all weave creating into every part of our lives, because it's what we love, and we get to share it now with our ideas with our many friends on the Internet.

2.) Do you each have a favorite craft you have shared? If so which one and why?

I think Jamie's would have to be her quiet books that have received quite a bit of attention.  Kirsten's would have to be Quincie's play kitchen.  Brooke's, her hutch makeover, which is literally to die for.  Nikalla's would be her silhouettes.  Becky even announced she was pregnant through Nikkala's sillhouette tutorial, that would have to be her favorite.  Jen's favorite is her Happy Board.  I think for each of us, they are our favorites because we really took a lot of time and creative energy to come up with something we could be proud of.  It makes it really fun when our projects receive a lot of attention, which all of our favorites have.  This is definitely the icing on the cake.  We have been lucky enough to have some of these favorites featured on popular sites like and, a branch of Apartment Therapy.

3.) Besides your amazing site - what other sites do you all read or constantly stay up on?

We love the sites:, Martha Stewart of course, Apartment Therapy,, Eighteen25,, My Computer is My Canvas,, and any others that catch our eye on any particular day.

4.) When you aren't crafting what can we find you doing?

We have 21 1/2 kids between the six of us, so MOST of our time you would find each of us taking care of our families which we all know is more than a full-time position in itself.  When we have spare time other than that, you could find some of us playing sports like soccer, playing the piano, cleaning crap off our kitchen floors, ya know, the regular. 

5.) The kitchen and quiet books on your site are just...well, we are speechless! How do you come up with such wonderful and crafty ideas? 

For most of us, we will see an idea somewhere and think, "I can make that, for cheaper, personalized, and cuter."  There are so many things in my house that I want to do or make and I 99% of the time, I plan on making it myself.  I could be busy from now until the end of time thinking up fun projects I would like to have finished.

6.) What are things you should always have when starting your first craft area or space?

Mod Podge, A good table, and back up plans for when your project doesn't turn out how you would like it too. I know for most of us, it's really important to have things up that inspire us:  quotes, pictures, etc.  I don't think any of us have our dream craft rooms yet, one day.

7.) Favorite places to find everything you need to make your ideas come to life? Stores, sites, etc. 

Thrift stores for things we can re-make, and we love Hobby Lobby and local craft stores.  Most of the time, we use craft supplies we already have.  This way, we save money and use that things we knew we needed to have at one point.

See, don't you just LOVE them? We hope to have opened your eyes to a new site to add to your favorites! 

All things Crafting Chicks

It is New Years Eve! Get your DRINK on!

Bryant Park Hotel’s Cellar Bar is at the heart of New York’s fashion industry and is the ultra chic hangout where fashion designers and celebrities such as SJP, Kevin Spacey, Marc Jacobs, and Jordin Sparks go to celebrate

Here are the secret recipes behind New York City’s most fashionable NYE bash.
1 ½ of Knob Creek Bourbon
¾ oz of Pistachio liqueur
¾ oz Kahlua Coffee
¾ of Heavy Cream
¾ of Milk
1/8 oz simple syrup
Method: Shake and Strain
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Crumbled pistachio

2 oz of Absolut Vanilla vodka
1 oz of Midori
1 oz of Pineapple juice
1 fresh squeeze of lemon
Dash of Sambuca
Method:  Shake and strain all ingredients into a glass except for Sambuca, then flame Sambuca into a different glass and pour it over the concoction.
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Silver Flakes floating.

1 ½ oz of Frangelico
1 oz of Crème de Banana
1 oz of Pineapple
Dash of Bitters
Method: Shake and Strain
Glass: Rock
Garnish: Crumbled almonds

1 ½ Warninks Advocaat
¾ Amaretto DiSaronno
¾ of Malibu Coconut rum
¾ of Orange juice
½ of Heavy Cream
Dash of bitters
Method: Shake and Strain
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Bitters

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trends From 2010 That Are Still Huge In 2011

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion & Beauty Director

While at the New York City S/S 2011 Fashion Week in September we noticed many trends that were from 2010, but that were continuing to be strong players in the Spring fashion wardrobe. Here are my favorite carry-over trends:

1. Faux Fur

2. Leopard

3. Platforms, the Spring/Summer runway shows presented platforms as one of the biggest shoe trends for the season.
4. Boots! Yes, the boots you have been enjoying will continue to be on trend until it gets to warm to wear them.

One on One with Kyle Richards - she is one FAB housewife!

We are all big fans of Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Every week, we can't wait to see what is going on in her life and of course, what she is wearing! We couldn't wait to share our one on one with the FABulous and uber-stylish housewife! Read on to see what you can find in her make-up bag, where she loves to shop and what advice Paris Hilton gave her before the show. 

1.)  This season has already been a show stopper. What has been your favorite part of filming this season?

My favorite part has definitely been just the fun girl time- when we get to travel together and just have fun with each other.

2.)   Besides Beverly Hills, what other housewives do you love to watch?

I watch all of them! Especially OC, New Jersey and New York.

3.)   What can we find in your make-up bag?

Tons of different lip glosses—I am obsessed with lip gloss. Bobbi Brown cream concealer. The Balm blush in “Hot Mama.” Clear mascara for my eyebrows.

4.)  What is your favorite item in your closet? What is it and who is it made by?

A bright disco-silver-colored classic Chanel bag.

5.)   We must say - you have a pretty fab wardrobe! What are your favorite places to shop?

My go-to places are Neiman Marcus, Intermix, Madison, House of Petro Zillia, Barney’s.

6.)  We loved watching your niece, Paris Hilton on her reality shows over the years, especially The Simple Life. Did she have any advice for you when you started filming? 

I asked Paris for advice when I was going through difficult times on the show that were unsettling to me and said “how did you do this?” She told me, “This should be a fun time in your life. Don’t stress about every little thing. Just be yourself and go for it!”

1-       I’m named after a football player- Kyle Rote. I was supposed to be a boy!
2-       I can do the Chinese splits
3-       I am allergic to bees
4-       My favorite food is sushi
5-       I am a lot smaller in person than people think- I am only 5’3”

Make sure you tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills every Thursday night on Bravo and follow Kyle on Twitter! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jewels for NYE? Head to Charlotte Russe!

We were thrilled by some of the sparkles under the tree with a few of them from Charlotte Russe! Looking for FABulous accessories fro NYE? We suggest heading to your local Charlotte Russe. Check out what we picked up!
Pearl & Rhinestone Set
Multi-Chain Necklace
All Knotted Up Chain Necklace
Gem Drop Earring
Get your bling on this New Years Eve!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Put on a little sparkle!

Why not put on a little sparkle this holiday season and let yourself shine! Because who does need a little *sparkle* in their lives!

{1} Banana Republic Bangle

{2} Shelli Segal Sequin Dress

{3} Juicy Couture Sequin Beret

{4} Max & Chloe Ring

{5} Vince Sequin Top 
What are you wearing this holiday?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays from cucpakeMAG!

Thank you for all your support this year! 
We are so grateful for all the LOVE we have received! 
We can't wait for what 2011 brings! 

PS - We are saving trees by being eco-chic and showing off our card here! 

Happy Holidays from all of us at cupcakeMAG,

Casi, Shasta, Elizabeth, Jenny, Candace, Lindsey, Angela, and Danielle 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowy White Inspiration

By Lindsey Muth, Contributing Writer 
Tis the season for icicles, snow angels, and blankets of white powder right outside your door (unless you live in Tucson like me, then just be quiet and pretend). Blustery December weather inspires crisp white fashion, a favorite "white" fragrance, and of course white chocolate for dessert!

All Saints can do no wrong (did someone say new favorite brand? Ummm, yep!) and this Caradon Jacket does everything right. Someone bundle me in this, please!

Christmas wish to look amazing while lounging? Let me introduce you to the Accordion-Pleat Pant by American Apparel. You'll become good friends.
Accessorize in snowy white, like these edgy Geometria earrings from Betsy Jewelry Design.

The package may be pink, but the fragrance is as purely delicious as newfallen snow. My grandma's signature scent and now my own, the classic (and affordable) White Shoulders.

When Dean and Deluca hired Felicity you fell in love. Now rekindle that romance with these Black & White Caramel Apples .

Then settle in for a long winter's nap with The Tea Spot's "Snowflakes" White Tea.

Mmmmmm, winter!

Picture Perfect for the Holidays

Tarte, you are genius. We are just dying over this limited-edition gold-toned eyelash curler. Just in time for the holiday season they added a little sparkle with purple rhinestones. Same lashes, same great curl, but with a little more sparkle. The perfect stocking stuffer too for only $15!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Editors Pick: Annie & Isabel -- Plus a giveaway!

You pick out what to wear to a party. You pick out what to wear to the gym. You pick out what to wear everywhere. Why not be prepared? We have the perfect option for you when you head to the hospital. Yes, the hospital! 

Of course no one wants to think of themselves in the hospital but if you are anything like us, we like to be prepared with Annie & Isabel. Just a few months ago, you may remember reading about me in the hospital. Well luckily I was prepared! I had my Anita gown with me! Yes, I know. Who thinks to grab something to wear during their hospital stay? Well, ME! (I was the one in labor checking my make-up the whole time!) I can't stand those yucky, crunchy hospital gowns. Not to mention, I hate the contast feeling that I am showing people things I shouldn't be! 

As I sat in the hospital room I felt stylish & chic even though my hair was matted to the bed and I hadn't showered in days - my Anita gown was there by my side! I got stopped as I was wheeled to have an MRI - just because of my super-cute hospital wardrobe! Right before my operation, the nurse and I were talking all about my gown. What a conversation starter! Now, I am expecting #4 and I am so excited! Honestly, because I have a reason to wear it again! It is super-soft and comortable and I am confident I an not showing anyone my rump - yes, full back coverage! It is very important! 

Oh, and did I mention? They have pockets. The perfect place for lip gloss! And of course, it has all the hospital needs of a hospital gown. The gowns wrap and tie on the side for full back coverage. The shoulder straps also provide easy access for IV lines and those newly nursing mommas!

I also adore the inverted pleat in front  and beautiful grosgrain ribbon- it adds just the right amount of detail to make the gown even more perfect! Well guess what? We are giving you one! Well, the FABulous ladies at Annue & Isbael are! Read on to win now! It is perfect for every fashionista! 

Editor Note: I have to say, not only are the gowns amazing and the must-have essential for everyone but the ladies behind the gowns are even more amazing! They are genuine, down-to-earth gals and love to put a smile on your face! They do just that with their gowns! 

MORE about the ladies & the name:

We are sisters and registered nurses. Anna works in an Emergency Department and Selena works in an adult Intensive Care Unit. Our many years of working as nurses have made it clear to us that wearing a generic hospital gown is often a patient's number one complaint. We saw an opportunity, with our business, to improve the patient experience by designing gowns that are attractive, comfortable, and, most importantly, completely cover your "backside" : When you look good, you feel better.

The name "Annie and Isabel" honors our great-grandmother, Annie, and our grandmother, Isabel. We were so blessed to have our great-grandmother in our lives. Annie was a selfless, spirited woman and role model to many generations in our family as she lived to the age of ninety-eight. Our grandmother, Isabel, was a beautiful and loving woman who died of pancreatic cancer when we were young. She is the reason that we are both nurses today. Our childish dreams included the wish of naming our future daughters after these women who were so dear to our hearts. Six boys later, we are honoring our grandmothers in another way. Their names will live on with our new business venture….. "Annie and Isabel".

How sweet! NOW go win one! Read on below......

Reminder: Vote for Casi

After much anticipation, Naya Shoes has launched the Facebook contest, “She’s Got the Naya Look” -- and Casi, our editor-in-chief created a look using her favorite pair of Naya shoes, The Narubi boot for her Outfit of the Day! All you have to do is log-in on Facebook and VOTE FOR LOOK #3So, please - help look #3 win! Click here. Plus, if Casi's look wins - one of you lucky readers who vote and comment below may win something too! 

Want to get the look? Read on to see how and what her favorite pieces are for Fall along with her fave pair of boots! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Private Bluefly Sale! We have the link!

What? Private Shoe and Handbag Previews Happening on this Saturday (12/18) afternoon at 2PM  and Tuesday (12/21) morning at 7AM.

On Saturday afternoon, will be featuring Jimmy Choo and on Tuesday morning there will be private access Gucci bag event.

And here is the private link just for our cupcakes! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

HauteLook Deal of the Day

{click} above now to head over to HauteLook and get the deal of the day! We are just dying over the Restricted Rumble Boot for only $30! They are the perfect boot for your chunky sweaters and skinny jeans! And they come in four colors! Grab a gift for yourself now! 

Shasta's Beauty Product of The Week, Most-Wanted for Holiday from Bobbi Brown!

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion & Beauty Director

The search is over my friends if you are looking for a last minute beauty gift! Bobbi Brown has put together an outstanding gift selection, something for every type of girl and something for every budget!

Get a great gift and FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING!

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