Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet our newest cupcake! Welcome Lindsey to cupcakeMAG!

We are so thrilled to introduce you to the newest memeber of team cupcake.....Lindsey! 

Lindsey Muth couldn't be more excited (seriously, her dial is set ALL the way to "excitement") to join cupcakeMAG & cupcakeMAG for Littles as a contributing writer.
A 30-something WAHM (work at home mom), Lindsey loves acronyms and splits her WAHM time living, wifing, and momming in Tucson, AZ; working in New York City; and traveling on business (sometimes to really cool places).

Lindsey's unique sense of style (let's call it desert rat soho chic) can be traced back to her punk rock youth, complete with shaved head and lip ring, and early twenties spent working in a fabric shop and scouting out vintage finds with every spare cent she could scrape up. Lindsey's fashion motto is, "unique, unique, unique, and a little classic." While finding affordable vintage treasures at the thrift store is among her favorite thrills, she also knows that sometimes it's ok to spend more for quality items ---> this has led to a passionate love/hate relationship with credit cards.
Lindsey's intense workout regime consists of eating much too much ice cream and then running around after her toddler son. She would probably die if it suddenly became illegal to wear your hair in a topknot.

Follow her on Twitter please! It is a must. Oh, and please - give her a warm welcome! 


  1. Welcome! Good to see someone from my hometown (Tucson)!

  2. Thank you, Casi! Thank you, Mama Elle! I'm beyond ecstatic to be a part of cupcakeMAG!

    ps. Tucson? Really? Well if you're ever back here visiting and wanna playdate look me up!

  3. welcome! :) you sound like such an interesting person. i love your unique/classic style motto. looking forward to seeing you writing here:)

  4. Thanks guys! I'm still surfing on a cloud of excitement about this thing. Hopefully I live up to the challenge!

  5. So excited that Lindsey is joining Cupcake Mag, she's such a rockstar mama!


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