Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get to know our Man of Style: Jack Ketsoyan

We have been so lucky to work with the FABulous, Jack Ketsoyan. Working with leading Hollywood ladies like Ali Landry, Kristin Cavallari, Kim Zolciak, Gretchen Rossi and so many more - he is a public relations fashion God and we love him, to pieces! He really defines our Man of Style and exemplifies the saying  - "Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway." 

So, for those who know you - they know, you have a great style! What inspires you when getting dressed in the am or a night on the town? 

JK: It varies with my mood and what I have going on that day. Sometimes I feel like wearing a pair of loud shoes and a dressy top, other days I’ll favor a v-neck t-shirt and jeans. In the end I wear what I like and what feel right in the moment. 
What does every guy need to have in their closet? 

JK: Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Every guy should have a great pair of shoes in their closet. There’s nothing worse than seeing a man in bad shoes. 
When it comes to shopping for yourself, do you have a favorite designer or store? 

JK: Alexnader McQueen, John Galliono, Dior and Top Shop for men are my favorites at the moment. For smart shopping I suggest everyone check out Century 21; it’s hands down the best “designer for less” store in the country. Life is a runway – dress the part. 

How would you describe your style?

JK: My style is very much ever changing. I go from wearing a shirt and bow ties to polos and jeans. I love trying new trends and styles. Playing around and finding what works for your body is a lot of fun for me.

What is one trend you just could live without? 

JK: Anything bedazzled or rhinestones. Bling belongs on your jewelry not on our clothes.  

As a PR God to the world, working with so many great people - what is a day in your life like? Give us a sneek peak! 

JK: Well I have to say I drive around A LOT, weather it’s meeting with clients, covering photo shoots, talk show interviews, or traveling the world, I’m always out and about. In entertainment each day is different than the one before. You never really know what to expect, but I love that about this business. No day is “typical.” Sometimes I find out a day prior that I’m needed in New York or Atlanta for example – so, the very next morning I’m on a plane. That’s just the gig. Three years ago I started my own company, EMC|BOWERY, with my business partner Ben Russo. I have been very fortunate in this business to have what I have today and for that I’m grateful.

1.) I can cook.
2.) I collect art.
3.) I love anything sweet.
4.) I am Armenian.
5.) Sex in the City is my favorite TV show.
6.) Vintage stores max out my credit cards.
7.) I can't spell.
8.) My closet is color coded.
9.) I have over 300 pair of shoes.
10.) I am very loyal.
11.) I have a horse. Her name is Mary.
12.) I can’t eat pork.
13.) I want learn how to speak Spanish.
14.) I love roller coasters.
15.) I hate when people only text.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jack as much as we loved sharing him with you! 
He rocks so make sure you follow him on Twitter! 

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