Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shasta's Holiday Wish List!

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion & Beauty Director

Creating a Holiday wish list is so fun; I see why my kids love to do it! Wish lists should be whatever your heart can dream up, who cares if it is over the top? Dream BIG I say, dream up your biggest wishes along with the practical things that you want too! Here is my Wish list:

This Sarah Multicolore Wallet from Louis Vuitton with the delsih “litiche” color on the inside would look divine in any of my handbags!

A closet make over. My closet is in desperate need of a makeover. I, Shasta, have miss matched hangers from high school, college, random stores and they all look like poo. I would just swoon over all matching black (shocked that I didn’t say PINK?) felt hangers along with better storage and shelving solutions. To know me is to know that I am a lover of all things organized.

How magnificent is Mariah Carey’s closet? I DIE.

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for all things monogrammed/personalized. This Three-Initial pendant by Jennifer Zeuner would be so lovely with the initials of my three children. *swoon*

Continuing with my monogram theme, white bath towels from MonoGrams, INC with a big faboosh hot pink mono!

My favorite Chanel eye shadow quad in “spices” would fit lovely in Christmas stocking! I have used this quad for years and I need a new one STAT. Yes, I said NEED.

A new pink laptop arrived at my door yesterday and I j’adore her, she needs a name (yes, a name! I name everything! My car is Gigi.) So if you think of a fabulous one please let me know! What does this have to do with my list you ask? Well, new pretty pink puter needs a fun carrying case! Friends, this one would be so darling with a hot pink monogram. See a trend here? : )

The next item on my list may shock you. Its ok friends, no one has high jacked my girly-girl list, it’s still me, Shasta writing this up. I genuinely want and lust after this Hoover® FloorMate™ SpinScrub floor cleaner. I legit want this SO BEYOND, badly. My sister Cheyenne has this and it is phenom, it vacuums while scrubbing her wood floors to an amazing level of clean. Why would I want this? I love clean, and this would make my life easier! I remember as a kid my mom would ask for vacuums or other household items and I would think she had gone and lost her mind, now I understand why she would want such unglam things; these tools make it easier to keep your house sparkling!

My last wish is for you all to have a wonderful and joyous holiday season with the people that you love. Spending time with my family is always at the top of my Wish list! Happy Holidays friends!



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  1. Oddly, that same Hoover floormate was on my wish list I posted this week too! I love a clean floor!! :)


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