Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little Note from Cupcake Covertops!

Hey Cupcake Girls!

We wanted to remind you that Cupcake Covertops make the perfect gift for the ones you love (including yourself). We are offering FREE SHIPPING until the end of the year, so don't miss out! We also added a new Red Velvet Cupcake Covertop that adds the perfect pop of color to your wardrobe. 
Visit our website to check it out!

We are currently working on adding some new colors as well as our 
NEW Cupcake Covertops T- shirt line...yay!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you had a great year and an even greater New Year to come. 


The Cupcake Team

cupcakeMAG note: we adore cupcake covertops by Lily Rubio and can't wait to share our interview with her in the coming weeks! Stay tuned and in the mean time, cover your cupcakes! 

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