Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Candace's Christmas List!

By Candace Cabrera Moore

This is the first Christmas that I've ever made a wish list. Per my husband's request, I put together a little list of special things I hope to open on Christmas day. I threw in some super practical things (plastic cleaning gloves, I'm lookin' at you!) and some not-so-practical things (does the name Balenciaga mean anything to you?) in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, he'll win the lottery and all the not-so-practical things would be mine! Ha. Wishful thinking, right? Well, in all honesty, I really do have everything I need, and I'd be happy with just celebrating the holiday with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket of snow for our husky to play in. But juuust in case we hit the jackpot, here's a sampling of my wish list:

A good pair of warm, comfortable slippers. Seems like a simple request, right? Nope. I couldn't seem to find a good quality, warm, cushiony pair until I stumbled across these bad boys. I love that they have a thick sole so you can wear them outside if you need to run out with the trash last minute before the garbage man comes! (Not that I do that every Monday morning or anything...) 

YSL Singulier. I can't sing praises loud enough for this fabulous mascara. I have pretty long lashes as it is, but this mascara takes them to another level.  

Hanae Mori Butterfly perfume. If you like woodsy scents, this is the most beautiful, earthy aroma. I wore it on my wedding day, so it will always have a special place in my heart. And my bottle is gettin' low, so I hope Santa brings me a new one! 

Arm warmers. These are perfect for the girl who can never get warm (moi!). I'd wear them with my 3/4 length sleeve coats! 

Balenciaga city bag. This is a more "in my dreams" item, as I knowww Santa won't be stuffing this down the chimney at my place. A girl can dream, right? Anyway, I love the look of this bag- the wrinkled lambskin gives an edgy take on what would have been a standard east west bag, were it not for the fringe zipper, little dangling mirror, and aged brass hardware. Swoooon. 

Check out just why we are sharing our Holiday Wish Lists with you in our note from the editor! 

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  1. I got my step-dad the men's Ugg's slippers for his birthday this year and he loves them. He is ALWAYS cold so they were a good treat for him! For his you could also get replacements for the insoles when the fur wears down and I got him some protectant spray as well so he can walk the dog in them... might add those two things to your stocking wish list? I hope you get all these pretties!!!


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