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cupcakeMAG Man of Style: Our Chat with Rob Kardashian

He's charming and buff -- and makes all the girls swoon. Rob Kardashian sits down and talks fashion, family and how to win his heart. We just can't get enough of his style too! 

cupcakeMAG: Khloe & Lamar just finished their first season (which you were hilarious on!) and Keeping up with the Kardashian just started the new season. How is it filming with your family all the time?

Rob: I LOVE filming with the Fam all the time because it is about the only time I get to see everyone together and that’s when we have the most fun!  Everyone is so busy nowadays but I remember the days when we would do bowling nights or dinners and then go to clubs but things are different these days and our family really doesn’t  like to go out and party like that anymore.  We our homebodies and just like to be with each other.

CM: When it comes to your sister's significant others, what's your philosophy? Are you welcoming from the start, or do you make them jump some hoops?

Rob: I am very welcoming if I vibe with the person. If the person is closed off and a bore then of course I am not going to open up.  Our Family is very fun and we need to see that from the other person as well.  We are all together all the time so we all need to click.  But I never make anyone jump through hoops.  I’m pretty easy going.

CM: Career-wise, where do you see yourself? I'm sure people ask you this all the time, but what do you want to do?

Rob: Well people just assume what they see is my entire life which is completely untrue. I think it’s hilarious that everyone who watches our show and thinks they know me and think I’m some loser with no job and mooches off my sisters.  My father raised me until he passed away and it was just me and him and his values with business and life are very strong and he would NEVER allow me to just be jobless.  He would kill me otherwise.  I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch believe it or not in high school with a bunch of my buddies and my girlfriend at the time.  It was pretty fun! (laughs) That lasted 2 months.  Then I worked for CBS/KCAL Sports for about 3 summers because I have a passion for being an ESPN anchor.  Then I went to USC and graduated from the Marshall Business School in Entrepreneurship.  Once I graduated I didn’t waste any time and I developed a skin care line called “Perfect Skin” with a partner of mine and I had my Sisters endorse the product.  I was working there for almost 2 years when I lost the passion for it and started an online video game company called “Rival Spot” which allows you to bet other people online in video games for money.  Pretty cool considering I LOVE video games!  I am developing a few more ventures currently.  Also, I am going to coach my high school track team with my good friend because we were really passionate about running in high school and just LOVE the sport! 

CM: Is there anything you miss about your life before the show?

Rob: I live the same life before the show as I do now.  Never did I change up my friends or become “Hollywood.”  That term makes me laugh.  I don’t even think of me as anything which I’m not in terms of the “celebrity” world.  I am the same guy as I was since middle school.  I do the same things and have the same circle.  I hate going out and I hate the fake scene.  But the opportunities that the show has brought to our Family is amazing and I just am taking advantage of that.   

Now, on to the style questions!

CM: What brands dominate your closet?

Rob: My high fashion game isn’t where I would want it to be yet because I still am into the more skater/surfer/hipster style.  I know how to get right and wear a suit if need be but I’m a casual guy and dress how I want to dress not how everyone else dresses.  Right now I wear CROOKS & CASTLES, DIAMOND, THE HUNDREDS.

CM: If you have an event to attend or you are going somewhere special do you dress yourself or do you look to your sisters for help?

Rob: I sometimes will ask for my Sister’s opinion and ask if I look ok because I hate going out and dressing up so I’m never comfortable and always need that second opinion.

CM: What upcoming projects do we have to look forward to? (We are pulling for The Rob & Lamar Show! You guys are SO funny together!)

Rob: I have a few things that are really cool but I can’t say yet! 

cupcakeMAG is a  big fan of all the Kardashians. Make sure you check out our interviews with Kourtney and Khloe too! And BIG THANKS to Rob for taking the time to chat with us - thanks for always making us laugh! 
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