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Khloe Kardashian - Super Stylish. Super Sweet.

What's not to love?

Khloe Kardashian tells us just how funny it was teaching her darling hubs to swim, plans for her own book, and her thoughts on those burning baby questions. Plus -- learn some things you may not know about her. 

Khloe is the fun-loving, hilarious and can we say gorgeous youngest sister in the Kardashian clan. With everything she had going on, including the brand new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians - we were lucky enough to sit down and chat about all things Khloe! 

We see you teaching Lamar how to swim this season. How fun was that for you?

Oh my goodness! It was a ball! Some of my greatest memories are with my Dad swimming. My family and I take amazing vacations in tropical places where swimming is pretty much required. So for Lamar to not know how to swim actually made me sad.  It made me want to show him how much fun the water can be.  I love that I was able to show him something new especially in the sports department.  I love that he wanted to fight his fear for me.

Do you plan to write your own book? Do you and Lamar have plans to have your own spin off?

I would say yes to both.... I don't like putting restrictions on my life. I love writing. I used to write in school and I even had some articles printed in my school newspaper. I would love to write my own book one day. I never say never to anything.  That goes for a spin off as well... My life is now accustom to shooting daily. I am used to it. I definitely wouldn't mind.

What is your favorite part of being married?

My favorite part about being married is probably the unconditional love I feel daily. I truly have a best friend in Lamar. He isn't afraid to love me and he isn't afraid to tell me when I am wrong.  He makes me better and that is what a marriage should be about. Two people that are better together.

Everyone always asks you how soon you will have a baby, are you tired of the question or do you think that your fans are just excited and happy for you?

I can never be tired of such a sweet question.  I love and am flattered that I even have fans...(laughs) let alone people actually interested in when we will start a family together. We are anxious too. But babies are in God's hands.  I guess it just isn't time yet.

You always look fabulous! Please tell us, what can we find in your make-up bag and other favorite make up products that you can't live without. Favorite mascara?

Why thank you... I tend to break out easily that's why I love to stick to one thing. I always keep my Perfect Skin toner spray in my purse for when I get oily and feel like I need to freshen my face. I love it! It is so convenient.  My favorite mascara is Lancome Hypnose... works WONDERS!!!

Do you have a beauty secret you can share?

Honestly... My biggest beauty tip would be to take care of your skin. The better your skin quality and texture is, the better any makeup will look. My sisters and I have spent years formulating a product that we feel so confident sharing with others. Perfect Skin will change your life!

On a typical day, what is your "go to" outfit?

I would say my go to outfit would be a pair of skinny jeans, boots and a tee... Basic and not trying too hard but then I sex it out with the boots... Did I mention the boots are 6 inch thigh highs? (laughs)

What is your favorite trend to date?

I love the new sexy pant suit trend coming for fall. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses and mini skirts. But I love options. An amazing fitting pant suit can be dangerous to a man. Lamar LOVES them. I also love that camel is a HUGE color for fall.  Neutral but not black.

What can you tell us about the current season of KUWTK?

The season's get better and better with time. I believe because we do. (laughs

We are older. We have families now. More drama, yes... but in different ways.  We are always crazy but always in love with each other. You will be seeing Kim dating, Lamar and I tying to have boundaries with my family, Kourt and Mason... all family stuff.  Tears,

love and laughter.

What is your favorite part about being in the show?

My favorite part is being able to work with my family everyday. I get to be with Mason every single day and my little sisters and see them grow.  Most families do not get that luxury.  We are blessed.

1. I am terrified of whales.
2. One of my biggest pet peeve is tardiness... I feel when people are

late they are basically saying I don't respect you.
3. I have naturally curly hair.
4. When I was 5 I had an accident on a treadmill and have a massive scar on my leg due to it.

5. I have and always be in LOVE with leopard print (has to be the right print though.... some look cheese ball)
6. I wanted to be a veterinarian until I was 12. Then I changed my mind when my vet told me they had to put my dog to sleep.
7. Lamar and I have a secret language. Shhhhh
8. I haven't eaten pork or red meat in over 18 years... and there is no real reason behind it. (laughs)
9. Another pet peeve of mine is when people meet me and they don't look into my eyes when they say hello. It's genuine.
10. I am obsessed with Snapple ice teas.

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  1. LOVE her, reminds me of my sis :)


  2. Incredibly Done Well! I Heart Khloe!

  3. Khloe is my fave Kardashian, so funny and sweet:)

  4. it was a nice interview wow i like khloe she's so dramatic in the show and she put the fun in it. it's so wow that she's married and i'm sure their babies are going to be cute. so much love 2u


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