Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trend Report -- Denim Shirts

By Danielle Downing Pagett, Contributing Writer

You see them over shorts, under coats, layered as cardigans, tucked into pants, over sundresses, jean on jean, wear them summer or fall.
Wear it like a boyfriend shirt a little over sized or a little more sophisticated tucked into 
your favorite skirt or pants. 

Wear it a little rugged or like a uptown chic.
Be sure to incorporate this piece into your wardrobe with your already great staple items. 
Anyone can wear this trend. Do not be scared by it. It is fun and easy to pull it off!

Here is my favorite best buy denim shirt:

Button Front Tops by Urban Outfitters at ShopStyle

Here is my favorite designer pick denim shirt:

Button Front Tops by G Star at ShopStyle

This is the denim shirt I purchased for my staple add on:

Button Front Tops by Twenty8Twelve at ShopStyle

Check out some great Denim Shirt Staples in all price ranges, different styles and looks

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