Thursday, September 2, 2010

NYFW -- Introducing Callula Lillibelle

This is one presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that we just can't wait for -- it is definitely on our radar and we can't wait to bring you post show details! 

Real, affordable, stylish! Sounds like a fashion find. And it is, a new decade, a new dressing system: Callula Lillibelle. With the debut of its first collection in February 2010, Callula Lillibelle simplifies a woman’s wardrobe and always indulges in effortless chic. The ultimate ‘desk to dinner’ label, Callula Lillibelle speaks to the contemporary woman who equally values alluring silhouettes, sleek versatility and uncompromised quality. Complementary fabrics meet coordinating construction; all pieces in the line seamlessly integrate to form fail-proof outfits that accommodate the modern lifestyle, eliminate clutter and closet confusion.  

Tailored to real women from sizes 0-14, the line is a sartorial system featuring the essential garments found inside out in every wardrobe: tops, skirts, pants, dresses and jackets. Likewise, the line’s “mix n match” philosophy addresses women’s various body shapes, where tulip and peplum meet sweetheart and peasant, cigarette and wide-leg see both high and drop waists (and all combinations in between!). There’s no shortage of chiffons, taffetas, crepes and wools, all at the greatest quality for such an agreeable price- the line retails between only $90 - $400. Inherent to the label’s integrity is the focus on both the needs and desires of women, where price, style and comfort are paramount.  

Even the name itself contains the essence of the collection; taken from partner Melanie Fraser Hart’s violin virtuoso daughter, the meaning of the Latin Callula “delicate beauty” meets the poetic Irish Lillibelle of “pure beauty”. The fates led free-spirited, multi-talented Hart to design virtuoso William Calvert, whose own eponymous collection has long been lauded for its de rigor couture, and what has resulted is a reflection of both partners’ unique and shared philosophies of fashion, style and life. Callula Lillibelle not just embodies the many inspiring contradictions of the contemporary spirit, it outfits the wardrobe.  

Past Collection

Callula Lillibelle is a “desk to dinner” wardrobe collection for the modern woman with a focus on contemporary, feminine silhouettes at an agreeable price.  Debuted in the winter of 2010, Callula Lillibelle aims to simplify the dressing process while providing a chic complete wardrobe for the modern lifestyle.  Partnered by business-impresario Melanie Fraser Hart and couturier William Calvert the collection reflects the diverse range of women’s needs, including style, comfort and price.  For more information, please visit   

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