Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Posh Shasta's Beauty Product Of The Week! Mascara!

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion/Beauty Director 

Mascara is a bit of an obsession of mine, and also for many of the  women I know.  Finding the perfect one is like trying to find the makeup holy grail.  The thing is, I am always interviewing mascaras, even if I currently have a pretty good one, I always have to try the new one that comes out because it may just be the one, and it's just waiting for me to try it and fall in love with it, thus perpetuating my obsession with mascara.  Sick, I know.  I am OK with that.  

My hunt for the perfect mascara prompted me to ask my Twitter followers to suggest their favorites, right away everyone was tweeting their suggestions to me!  I decided that I would try each one and let you all know what I think of each mascara because you all want the ultimate mascara also.

First up, the new "Last Blast Fusion" from CoverGirl.  The package advertised volume + length. Believe it or not, I only used one coat.  Next time I apply this, I will use a lighter touch!  I wasn't expecting it to really do what it promised!  Lash Blast Fusion was $8.29 at Target, much less then what I have been spending on mascara.  After wearing it all day long, I am impressed, no flakes on my cheeks... nada.  Lash Blast Fusion is my new favorite, for now anyway!  

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  1. Great review!

    I always used cheaper mascaras until I moved to the Cayman Islands. They are few and far between here and not much more than $5 cheaper if that than the duty free expensive options most of the time, so I'm paying US $23 for Diorshow, which is something I never would've considered in the states because the cheaper options are soooo good and it's a great way to save on the cost of your daily face!

  2. Oh wow! I can't wait to try it! Your lashes put my Dior and YSL mascaras to shame.

  3. Great Review!! I'm a huge fab of CG lashblast! :)

  4. I love LashBlast Fusion!! This is my go to mascara right now!

  5. I love it! Have you tried Maybelline Falsies yet?

  6. Thank you everyone! I hope you all like the LashBlast too!

    Lindsey, I have not tried the Maybelline Falsies yet, but it was suggested to me via Twitter and I plan on trying it soon. Have you used the MF yet? If so, what did you think of it?

  7. Great idea, Shasta! You have great natural lashes by the way!

    Have you tried L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara? That's my current go-to mascara! :)

  8. Based off how faboo your lashes look in the pics I'm going to try this soon!!! A friend of mine gave me the LBF in Water-Proof, so I'm going to get the Washable this time and Lashblast Volume in WP...I like the clean, defined,well groomed lash look I get from WP but I want Length and Volume from LB Fusion, so the WS is the best way to go!!that's what you have...right? Anywhose...Awesome post ..Thanx


  9. btw are you a beauty guru on Youtube? If not you should be!!! Your lashes are so pretty and faboo!!! And you give honest and straight to the point reviews!!! And the Before & After pics are awesome...It's the whole reason why I plan on buying it!!! If you have YT my username is: bluetigressemoon .....


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