Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cupcakeMAG LOVES Tori Spelling

Obviously we adore Tori Spelling for so many reasons - not just her FABulous style but also her Superhero ways. Tori is one inspiring cupcake for ladies everywhere as she shows us you can do it all! Even with everything she has going on - we were beyond thrilled to be able to get a chat in with the one & only, T! 

{1} Last time we spoke you had a lot going on and can see not much has changed! You & Dean were working on your new Oxygen show as well as your book. Now, you have InvenTORI! What can you tell us about the latest projects keeping you busy?

Our store InvenTORI just opened in Sherman Oaks! Very excited. Its a home/lifestyle store. Antique personal furniture and products for women, men, children, bath, pets, garden, and kitchen that our family personally loves and uses. I am finishing my first party planning book called CelebraTORI which will be out Oct. 25th and our new Oxygen show Tori&Dean:sTORIbook Weddings starts airing April 6th. I'm also very excited for my new online magazine that will launch in April called Inspired Living by Tori Spelling. And, my new jewelry line MAVEN launches this spring at dept stores and is currently at Intermix. And... Just kidding. That's all! Ha ha. (For now)

{2} What inspired you to open InvenTORI? Was this something you had wanted to do for quite sometime? 

I've collected antiques for years. My obsession outgrew our living space and that's when I decided I wanted to share my passion with others and literally share my inventor(i).

{3} You are also working on your latest book. Can you tell us about that?

I'm having the most amazing love affair with my latest book! Its my first party planning book called CelebraTORI. It takes the readers thru all the steps necessary to throw an amazing party whether its a intimate dinner party for 4 or a lavish event for 100. And tips to do it on a budget. Its filled with amazing photos, How To's, recipes, and my anecdotal stories that my readers have grown to know me for. Plus I take readers thru 4 complete parties. Its been an amazing experience! I get to craft, cook, bake, create, design and style. Can't wait for it to come out!

{4} Seriously, you are the queen of multi-tasking. It is beyond amazing everything you have accomplish and continue to do. We have to ask how do you do it all and actually sleep? Give us your supermom tips! 

Sleeping is honestly not one of my best multi tasking skills. Its pretty hard to put my mind to sleep. I'm not great at taking time for myself. I give everything to my kids/husband/and work and then the me of it all sometimes takes a back seat. My goal is to start getting more quiet time for me at night when everyone goes to bed. Next challenge... Getting everyone to go to bed!

{5} We know you love to play party planner and are the hostess with the mostess! What are some of your personal party tips you can share for having the perfect party?

While I'll give ALL my tips in my new book I will share a couple. One - don't over extend yourself. Its great to create and dream big but be realistic about what you can actually pull off within your time frame and budget. Stick to recipes you've done before and ones that you know work. And, secondly, enjoy your own party. This is one I'm currently working on! I end up giving so much that by the time my party starts I'm too exhausted to actually have fun. So, enjoy your hard work! 

{6} We also know you love DIY projects, crafts, and all the handmade fun. What is one of your favorites you have shared with Liam and Stella?

We love crafting in our house! Whatever we can make together is always the best because it keeps us interacting as a family. The kids are really into making their own playdough right now. We make it from scratch and its all natural. We add different flavors and colors to it and we have theme playdough parties. We did ice cream parlor the other day and in corner cut /tied off ziploc bags swirled the "ice cream" playdough into cones and cups and added sprinkles and pretended to serve customers. They loved it! Stella even serves in a mini apron!

{7} We have watched you on Home Sweet Hollywood decorate your houses with perfection. Is Interior Design another love of yours? What tips can you share when it comes to decorating a home, Tori style? 

I love interior design. Its another huge passion of mine. I pick a couple main pieces that I LOVE and that I think make my room and then I decorate the room around them. I like my style and rooms to remain timeless. Rooms with colors and patterns I won't tire of in 5 years. And, family "coziness" is a huge factor into my design. I want it to look chic and stylish but all the work is pointless if at the end of the day my family and I can't be cozy in the room. So, if its Liam and Stella approved then I've done my job! And, let the little knick knacks come with time. I love doing a room and then whenever I'm at flea markets or estate sales finding little collectibles that'll look great in that room. This takes time but you end up with little cherished objects that you've collected from all over. 

{8} We always ask, what is up next for you - you always out do yourself and I just can't imagine what else you could add to your plate but, do you have anything else you are currently or planning to work on? 

Oops I might have answered that question in the first question. But, to add to that... We are currently filming season 6 of Tori&Dean:Home Sweet Hollywood and fans can see The McDermotts back in their living rooms this summer. I also will soon be starting my 4th memoir which will be out in 2012. 

Make sure you tune in to sToribook Weddings next month and 
stay-up-to-date on all things TORI! 

See why we LOVE her? Oh, and besides the fact that she thinks "Cupcake ROCKS!"


  1. "Tori is one inspiring cupcake for ladies everywhere as she shows us you can do it all!" I couldn't agree more! Tori is such an amazing wife, mother, designer, author, shop owner. . .everything! I can't wait for Maven to lauch, she has such great style!
    Thanks for such a great interview, she is so inspiring and now I will definitely be a follower of your blog!!

  2. An inspiration to us all! Great interview! I can't wait for a chance to come to LA and visit InvenTori, I'm sure the dog section is amazing!
    Love from NY <3

  3. If you want to sell the larger pieces in your InvenTori store, you'll have to reconsider lowering the prices!! (Sorry, we're not all rich!)


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