Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Big, bold bracelets are just the thing for spring! Now that the sun has come out, you can expose your sad little wrists to the warming air (hurray!) and spruce them up in style.
No matter your budget or personal style, there's a wristcuff in your future this season...

So which style are you? Audrey, Twiggy, Goldie, Annette, Lindsey, or Grace?
After all, wrists need fashion too!
Author's Note:  I tried desperately to hunt down a ruby red, art-deco wrist cuff with no success. Nothing I found was pin-up, 50s cute enough while still being pretty. If anyone can point me to one, I'd love love love it! Thanks!


  1. The Annette seems to young for me, and the Lindsey is too much bird for my big ole old lady wrists {Sorry Lindsey :-)}, but that aside...I LOVE all the others!! Good picks! :-)

  2. Love these! The Annette is my fav!


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