Thursday, March 24, 2011

Etsy Find: Tree and Kimball!

By: Kim Solimini

Two things I love in life: jewelry and Etsy. Combine the two and you have some pretty amazing handmade (sometimes one of kind) gems.

It is the best feeling when you stumble across a fabulous Etsy seller through some online browsing, and this was a find I just had to share.

Meet Tree and Kimball! The creator behind these designs is Lisa Bruemmer. Items from this gorgeous little shop have been featured in Lucky Magazine and a select few of these necklaces can be found at select Anthropologie stores.

This shop is filled with everything delicate and dainty, with a vintage flair! The pieces would be a great compliment to any outfit, and really adds that antique vibe!

These are some of my favorites:

Delana in a salmon hue $30.00

Alesta in pale pink $34.00 (Long necklaces are so fun!)

Serena in a silvery grey! $30.00

Theresa in pale pink $32.00

Nassim in buttercream $32.00 (One of my favs! So Classic)

Laudonia in deep aubergine $30.00 (Love the dark tone of this one)

Tree and Kimball also have some fabulous earrings and my favorites have to the Anouska $20.00. They remind me of little vintage chandeliers!

I have to say this is a seller I will be coming back to often to see what new items are added to this shop and to make some purchases for myself!!  I am already envisioning these necklaces with my wardrobe and every piece is pretty much a must have!

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