Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Trend Report!

So I’m still adjusting to this whole time change - I won’t lie! It threw me for a major loop, but I’m having absolutely no problem adjusting my wardrobe to some new spring trends I’ve picked up on. That’s right, after you read this, it’s time to go shopping!

First I’m going to discuss a classic revival: wide leg pants. This updated version can be found in it’s original higher waistline, but also can be found just about everywhere are a normal rise. I feel like Farrah Fawcett is smiling down from heaven when I wear these, seriously, I just can’t help but smile.

1. 7 For All Mankind 2. St. John 3. DKNY

You can opt for the casual look and wear these fabulous dark wash denim wide leg jeans from 7 For All Mankind, or for a more professional look check out these great DKNY black wide leg pants. Contrary to black pair is my personal favorite - the off-white pants done by St. John. These are magical and what better time to wear them then now? Paired with some great neutral wedges, a plain top and some thought provoking Palm Beach! I love how the wide leg look when done right is so ultra-flattering. This trend better stick around for a while!

The next trend I’m loving is more of a popular! I know what some of you are thinking, “I don’t wear orange. I can’t pull off orange.” I was once similarly in the dark, but now I have seen the light! Literally, I actually CAN pull off a pretty shade of light orange. It’s a miracle, people! I’ve picked out my very favorite and very wearable orange options.

This DVF dress is hitting just about every trend I love right now, including orange! The neckline gives off a cool shirtdress vibe, while the sleeves are relaxed but have a great structure at the end. The belting at the waist gives you a flattering shape. The color is flattering, too, as it’s softer and more sophisticated than that bright crayon from your coloring box when you were 5.

1. Lotusgrace 2. Christian Louboutin 3. Parker
My next orange picks I love for being unique and putting a spring in my step! This Lotusgrace shift is simple but genius. On my own, I would probably be too afraid of pairing orange with turquoise, but it’s done beautifully here. As shown, a neutral shoe is the way to go! Speaking of shoes, my new covet are these fabulous Louboutin wedges. Wedges in the first place are possible my most favorite shoes ever, and these make it easy to incorporate orange in my life in baby steps, shall we say? Lastly, you will have tangerine dreams in this trendy ruffled Parker dress. It’s a perfect date dress and you can easily layer with it if it gets chilly at night. When I see this dress, I imagine a modern version of the fair scene from The Notebook...seriously, it’s weird, but I do!

My last trend is actually bittersweet. Before the tragedy in Japan had even happened I was picking out clothing with obvious Japanese inspiration. Tragedies like this truly put life in perspective and have really shown me that even in my shopaholic and fashion obsessed ways, nothing compares to the happiness my family brings me. So I’m dedicating this trend to all of the families in Japan. They are all in prayers.

Keeping family in mind, I actually found a really great diaper bag from Disney! I didn’t even know they made diapers bags, and trendy ones at that! The fun orange flowers are definitely Asian inspired and I like how grey was incorporated. It tones the bag down and makes it a great tote for everyday use. I don’t have a baby, but I would even use this bag - it’s so cute!

1. Leith 2. Ports 1961 3. Trina Turk

Moving along to clothes, I think this Leith top, paired with skinny fit pants or jeans and pumps is a sharp look. The volume and layering is down just right. Seriously, add a great little colorful leather clutch and this outfit can go out on a dinner date or our for drink with the girls. Ports 1961 has a fabulous little black dress that is different from the rest. It’s a great dress that shows off your figure, but doesn’t show too much. The sleeve drape flawlessly. You’re sure to turn heads for all the right reasons while wearing this, because let’s face it you make the dress sexy - not the other way around! Looking for a special dress for the warmer weather? One of my favorite designers, Trina Turk has done it again. She never fails of use color to make the world smile. The funky print of this tunic has so many exciting hues and swirls and detail, but still is totally wearable! The exaggerated sleeves replicate a kimono, but the shorter length makes up for the volume on top. And what’s that I spy? It’s orange! So with this dress, you’re nailing down two trends at once!

Lastly, this Sophie Theallet frock is so obviously modeled after the fabulous kimonos most of us have only seen in pictures. You can’t deny the structural beauty of this dress, and the great shape it take at the waist through the skirt. It’s truly angelic.


  1. You found some absolutely fabulous pieces for this post! I too am excited for the wide-leg pants ... have been wanting to go get a pair ... yes, I can feel Farrah coming on too ... and I SO love the tangerine yumminess of orange for spring! It feels so happy and fresh ... I always felt that orange juice in the morning was like sunshine ... I feel the same way with some of the gorgeous tangerine pieces this spring! Have a lovely week!

  2. I am LOVING the orange trend this year!!


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