Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Think Pink for Spring!

Pink is one of my all time favorite colors. It’s happy and cheerful and can brighten any room or outfit right up! I have been wanting to incorporate some more shades of pink in my house lately and I think in leiu of the spring months coming everyone should add a dash of pink to their life. Here are some of my favorite pieces to accent this beautiful color in your home.

Pink Ottoman – Beso, Pink Frames –, Floral Pillows – Etsy seller MilandCookiesCanada, Vintage Pink Chair – Etsy seller TheVintageLaundry, Pink Ruffle Shower Curtain – Anthropologie

That shower curtain in particular has been haunting me! I have been wanting to think of a creative way to use it as opposed to a shower curtain. Possible a window treatment or an doorway embellishment.

Pink does have to be super feminine or childish color in the least. It can be an adult tone and you can even sneak it in without your hubby putting up a fight! As long as it is done in a way that compliments the vibe of your home, pink can add some fun punch to any room. And if you are like me and constantly changing your home décor use it as a temporary accent color buy purchasing budget friendly pieces at places like Target and Ikea. They have some great home accessories at wonderful prices!

My favorite pink Ikea pick is this super chic lamp for only $19.99

And this cute little modern nightstand, that can be used as a potential end table in a modern living room or as a printer cart in a home office at only $19.99

Get creative and accent your home in cheery pinks this spring!


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