Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Editors' Note: Bring on Spring!

Ahhh, March! We adore you! You are bringing us one step closer to warmer weather we all have been craving! Last month wasn't our favorite and we are happy to say goodbye to February. Why? Well, for those of you who follow me on Twitter you know that I battled a bad case of double pneumonia causing me to go on bed rest due to complications with my current pregnancy - 24 weeks now! It was not fun and pushed us way back. We finally were able to share the Under the Sea Birthday featuring Anders Ruff Custom Designs! As for the First Birthday Feature for my sweet Kennadi, well her party was canceled twice and we finally were able to get everything together. You will see it next week! She also has been under the weather and struggled with RSV and asthma the last few weeks. Never a dull moment but many thanks to all those we worked with for being so wonderful and understanding! 

I am extremely thankful for my wonderful cupcakeMAG team! You may have noticed - it is growing! This month we welcomed some FABulous ladies to the team! Lauren, Emily, Kim and Tiffany are the newest cupcakes to join the team and they are simply amazing! I couldn't ask for a better group of cupcakes! Make sure you get to know all about them here and follow them on Twitter. They are simply the best! And of course, my assistant, Liz, has gained a new title - she is now Director of Chaos! Last month was quite a whirlwind and I couldn't have done it without her - big thanks to Liz! 

Last night I received a tweet from a follower @LittleEllaBug, she said "Now that Life's settled down or does it ever?". We came to an agreement. It never does! But we are happy to be back in full cupcakeMAG spirit and are ready to take on March! 

We continue to work with the lovely Susie of Zee Studios on our new site. We promise, you are going to love it! Any suggestions for us? Let us know! This month we continue to bring you amazing giveaways and some amazing celeb interviews which include catching up with Tori Spelling! We have some amazing bloggers and sites we will be sharing with you! Make sure you didn't miss last month's featured blogs, The Inspired Room and Kelly's Korner! They both are simply FABulous and we love the writers. We have a lot in store this month as we continue to play catch-up! As always  we will show of our favorite Etsy designers and bring you up to date with all the Spring and Summer trends coming your way! 

Make sure you enter the giveaways ending Friday! $150 from Layla Grayce, $100 from Gussy Sews and $50 from Le Papier Studio

And lastly, we have been running a HUGE ad space sale and almost full on spots will which  transfer to our new site. If you haven't received the email with all the details make sure you email us to get your spot at! We would love to add you to our list of FABulous sponsors! This week we welcome Dressing on the Side who has the cutest tees that express their love for cupcakes, Ellia C.Naturals - the BEST and we mean best bath & body care and lastly, the sweetest little shop for your Littles, Stitched Boutique! Make sure you check them out. We adore our sponsors

As always thank you so much for your support especially this month as I was sick. All of your emails and tweets were so kind and I appreciate all of you so much! I am thrilled to be back in the swing of things! You ALL are just amazing! Thanks for supporting cupcakeMAG! 

PS - If you could just do me one little favor and vote for my dear friend Jenny here. You all know Monkey Toes Shoes are the best so just click once to vote and get them to take the lead! 


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I am your newest follower! :) Love your blog! :)

  2. Thank you SO much! We are so glad you found us and thank you for leaving a comment!

    The cupcakeMAG Team!


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