Thursday, March 17, 2011

What?! You got that from KMART?

Yep. You wouldn't believe the latest styles filling the racks at Kmart. Beyond shocked right? Well, don't be ashamed. We are ready to add them all to our closet and with prices like those, who could resist?

{Stylish Romper, $17.49}
{Lace Slimfabulous Dress, $19.99}

{Ruffle Denim Romper, $14.99}
{Super cute through-it-on and go red dress, $17.49}


  1. Kmart is doing a great job with their clothing lately. I got some really great shoes from Jacquelin Smith for $8. They're my favorite pair of work heels. I'm so happy I found them. I'm loving the rompers.

  2. these are so cute! who knew?? (well, you did)

  3. Wow! Now I must go to see if that red dress comes in other colors!



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