Friday, July 30, 2010

One Posh Wardrobe

Our contributing writer Shasta has probably one of the best wardrobes we have seen so we just had to ask her to document everything she wears from head to toe for one week - just so we could share it with YOU! {note: need an up-close look, just click on the image}

Forever 21 sweater layered over a James Perse tank, Citizens of Humanity jean shorts, and Steve Madden sandals, Louis Vuitton bag. These shoes are seriously my go to easy pair of sandals...I will try to mix it up this week!

Dress purchased from Lulu's with the Steve Madden sandals and Cole Haan bag

Seven for All Mankind Jeans, Forever 21 Top and Necklace, Mossimo Flip Flops
Dress that I bought last week at Forever 21 for $19.50.... again with the shoes... sorry! I will wear something else tomorrow, I promise! HA! and a different bag! Head is cut off... 10 yo dd took the pic and it was no bueno, so the rest of my head had to be chopped! HA!
Forever 21 dress I bought 2 yrs ago,Chanel black caviar gst handbag, Christian Louboutin Simple 100 pumps
Old Navy dress, Manolo Blahnik heels, Target bracelet, Toy Watch, Target earrings

Off to catch a flight! This was at 4am hence looking half asleep. (Yeah right Shasta! We can't tell!) Susan Moanco dress, American Apparel leggings, Tory Burch sandals and J.Crew scarf!
OOTD for Vacay! Lulu's Romper and Belt, Steve Madden Flats, David Yurman bracelets, Target earrings

We can't help but say......doesn't she always look so FABulous?! She mixes high fashion with low fashion and works every piece. Tell us, which is your favorite posh Shasta look?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

oh so stylish scarpasa

lower your heels, not your expectations

We are addicted to shoes; addicted as in we may need shoe rehab. We now have something knew to be obsessed over - Scarpasa. For the days where you don't want to wear 4 inch heels - this is the place for you. No longer do you have to suffer immensely and have blisters the next day to remind you. Buying stylish shoes is important to active women who just don't stop living life all day long - running around, working, chasing after littles....but you don't have to do it in painful heels. That's were Scarpasa comes in --- created for those crazy busy women like us who love to be oh so chic but don't want to change into flip-flops half way through the day. They find uber-stylish quality flats and low and mid-heeled shoes from independent designers.

{1} Audrey Hepburn Chic - Pair these Margit Hippie Kid ($215) flats with cigarette pants and a nautical top for the summer. {2} Boho meets Cowgirl - Bring city chic to the country or country chic to the city in Alberto Fermani ($415) {3} Perfect POP of Color - MUST-HAVE uber-comfy Milly Mietta ($260) gives you the perfect little bit of height.

Where did the idea of Scarpasa come from?

I love shoes, but stopped wearing high heels a long time ago because I hated having to go home early from an event or cut time short with friends because my feet hurt from high heel wear. I also love walking and found that it was hard to do in higher heels. Being a non-high heel wearer, I was struggling to find cute shoes to wear, particularly because I did not want to wear comfort-focused brands, which aren’t always that stylish. Cute shoes in lower heels were just not that prevalent, so I came up with the idea of starting a boutique full of stylish flats, low and mid-heel shoes.

What inspired you to start the site?

I always wanted to start Scarpasa, but it wasn’t until business school that I realized that I would rather start this than do any other job. Yes, it may be a bit of a niche market, but it is a niche that is still unfulfilled.

What's behind the name?

“Scarpasa” is a name derived from the word “scarpa,” which means “shoe” in Italian. While the name is not a pre-existing word, it highlights the quality of the shoes and brings attention to the international nature of many of the brands we carry.

Who influences the styles chosen - do they reflect your personal style?

I’m sure they reflect my personal style to an extent, but we are trying to buy shoes that will appeal to our customer base, rather than just me. And with every style we carry we take into account the heel height, sturdiness of the shank, the stability of the heel – characteristics that generally make shoes better to walk in. We also try to get a range of different styles and types of shoes to provide variety. While we definitely take into account trends, we want to make sure we carry shoes that will stand the test of time and that are versatile.

What's up next for Scarpasa?

We’re still a fairly new site, so right now we are focusing on honing in on what people do and don’t want. We love feedback and are constantly trying to improve our products and services.
This is definitely a site worth browsing around so head over to Scarpasa now and make sure you follow them on Twitter and LOVE them on Facebook. And also don't forget to stay-up-to-date on their blog too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a candid look --- getting to know the cupcakeMAG editor

Just recently we all have been getting to know the cupcakeMAG team and many of you are asking more about me, the cupcakeMAG editor. So, I have decided to let you take a peek inside my life and get to know me upclose & personal.

1. I can't go to sleep with the tv on. I must have complete dark & silence.

2. I still Tivo Friends even thoght I have the complete series on DVD.

3. Every week I pick up all the weeklies, Ok!, UsWeekly, People, InTouch, Life&Style - it is a must.

4. I am anal, for example, my couch pillows have to be placed a certain way.

5. My youngest daughter, Kennadi Audrey Monroe, was indeead names after 3 Hollywood Fashion Icons. Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

(Kennadi, pictured here at 2 months old)

6. Before cupcakeMAG, I managed, did inventory, & buying for a high-end boutique Sugar in Washington, DC - the store was my life & I still miss it daily.

7. I absolutely adore Toaster Strudels.

8. When I go to NY the first thing I do is buy a soft pretzel from a vendor.

9. Before boarding an airplane I spend at least $50 on magazines as the newsstand. I can't fly without the newest mags on the shelf.

10. I still get sucked into watching Saved by the Bell & Full House with my 7 year old. Sometimes, I even sit through an episode willingly by myself. Shhhh, its a secret.

11. Before I knew my husband would be my husband - I made fun of him & thought he was a big dork for buying me a Pepsi before class every day in high-school.

(the darling in Malibu)
12. I despise sushi, despise it.

13. When I met J.Alexander from Americas Next Top Model, he made fun of me for being short and put his elbow on my head. I am only 5 feet tall.

14. My name is pronounced KC - even though it is spelled like Cassie. I never correct anyone I am so used to it.

15. I can only snap with my right hand. No double snapping here!

16.I hate drinking water. I know, its bad but I always forget to drink it unless it is in a Fiji bottle.

17. My dogs sometimes push my hubs out of bed.

18. I love football and am a big fan of the Washington Redskins since I was born in Washington, DC. I have never missed a game!

19. I hate beans. I always say I am allergic.

20. I don't drink coffee unless it is a Starbucks Caramel Frapp. Diet Coke is my coffee every am.

21. If I could I would pick up and move to Beverly Hills. I am a California girl at heart and obsessed with LA.

(Malibu, California - my favorite beach in the world)

22. I secretly would love to be Martha Stewart.Cooking, crafts and party planning -- three of my favorite things!

23. I absolutely LOVE playing Monopoly and get really upset if I can't buy Boardwalk.

24. I only eat French toast with cottage cheese on it. Yes, it's a polish thing. 

25. My biggest fear is dying. Can't talk about it, can't think about it. Just don't like the fact that I don't have control.

Surprised?! Well I hope you still will be big fans of cupcakeMAG even after this candid look into my life! As always, thank you for all the love, support and praise you have given us!

Lots of love!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

keep your foundation fresh all summer long -- its all about the primer

Our answer to keeping your foundation up fresh during this hot season is primer! It is very possible that any face makeup you apply this summer will sweat right off. That is never a cute look! A foundation primer creates a barrier between your face and skin. It is the same concept as a paint primer. It makes your foundation stay on all day. Primer really makes it look like you just applied your makeup throughout the day. Some primers actually have an added spf which is an amazing combo for summer!

Here are some of cupcakeMAG's favorites:

The formula makes your skin feel silky and smooth! It has a slight pink tint that acts as a color corrector.

Rimmel London,Fix and Perfect foundation primer, $7.59
Although it does not include a spf the formula is amazing. Apply a spf before using this primer. The price is awesome!

Sue Devitt, Microquatic Blue Anti-Aging SPF 30 Protection Primer, $48.00
Wow! This stuff is AMAZING! It has a spf and anti-aging formula. It includes the blue algae that will reduce any redness.

So when your doing your morning make-up routine,
add primer, so you don't look like a hot mess!

Monday, July 26, 2010

a posh skin care routine

Everyone wants great skin, everyone wants people to see them, not their blemishes, sun damage or scars. Makeup will never look good on jacked up skin, so healthy skin is where we have to start. I am absolutely in love with the Epicuren skin care line. It is absolutely remarkable and has a huge celebrity following. I urge you all to go to the Epicuren website and learn about the science behind it. This line is preservative free and I love that. The less chemicals that I have to apply to my skin, the better. My skin breaks out easily so I have to be consistent with my skin care.

The easiest way to get started with these products, if you have acne prone skin, is to buy the mid size acne kit. The kit contains 2 oz Medicated Acne Cleanser,2.5 oz Benzoyl Peroxide Scrub,4 oz Acne Conditioning Astringent,2.0 Acne Spot Treat Gel, and 2.0 Aloe Vera Gel. I use the Acidophilous Probitoic moisturizer (purchased seperately) instead of the Aloe, but most acne prone people prefer to just use the aloe. I just need more hydration.

To keep my routine efficient, I keep the Epicuren Benzoyl Peroxide Scrub, Epicuren Acne Cleanser and my Clarisonic in the shower. Here are the steps I follow for my morning and night routine:

1. Mix a small amount of the Epicuren Acne Cleanser with the Benzoyl Peroxide scrub and apply to my face.

2. I then use the Clarisonic skin care brush (I use the PRO version) to exfoliate and cleanse my skin.

3. Then I rinse.

4. After showering I use a cotton pad and apply the Epicuren Acne Conditioning Astringent to tone my skin. Toning is not amust, just a personal preference of mine.

5. My go to item for anti-aging is by SkinMedica, it is the TNS Recovery Complex. I apply this after the toner.

6. My moisturizer of choice is the Epicuren Acidophilus Pro biotic Facial Cream. I love this moisturizer because my skin feels hydrated when I use it, but because of the pro biotic properties, it helps to prevent breakouts and also is great for people with sensitive skin. I add two drops of the Benev Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen drops to one pump of the moisturizer every morning, even in winter.

7. Lastly I apply the best eye product that I have ever used. IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is just incredible, you see immediate improvement of fine lines and dark circles, but increased improvement over time. I simply pat a small amount under my eyes, morning and night.

No matter what skin care line you use, it is important to use it consistently to see results over time. It sounds so simple, but the best thing that we can do for our skin is wear sunscreen. I love the Benev drops because I can just add it to my own moisturizer and know that I won't breakout.

Do I think that the Clarisonic brush is really all that fabulous? YES. Simply the most effiecient way to exfoliate your skin. You will have less congestion in your pores and your products will absorb better because it is so well ex-foliated. Clarisonic has a great website that explains the different brushes available and the science behind the line.

Where to buy? Here are the websites where you can either purchase these products or find a retailer in your area. As with any skincare, please consult with your health care provider before using to make sure that these products would be appropriate for you before using.

Friday, July 23, 2010

lots of love for lauren -- our one-on-one interview with Lauren Conrad

If you are anything like us, you have been a big fan of Lauren Conrad, once known as "LC" on Laguna Beach and you sported TEAM LAUREN tees from Hollister. But now, our Lauren is all grown up and has so many amazing things going on in her life --- from life after The Hills to her new collection, Kohl's line and latest books --- Lauren Conrad is a name you just can't forget.

Lauren Conrad, Style, HarperCollins, October 2010

How has life been since The Hills?

It's been great! It's always a little scary to make a big change like I did when I decide to leave the show, but I don't regret it one bit. Since I've left I've discovered a new love... writing! I have had such an amazing experience writing my novels and touring the country for signings. It's been an exciting year and I've learned so much.

Also, I have been having such great time working on my Kohl's line and have been blown away by the support I have received. Fashion has always been what I have loved to do and I feel so fortunate to be working with such a great partner. Aside from that, I have really enjoyed having a personal life and the opportunity to do a little traveling. All and all, I'd say it's been a great year.

We just finished reading your second book,
Sweet Little Lies (HarperCollins) and of course, it kept us wanting more -- How did the idea of your LA Candy Series come about? Was writing something you have always been interested in?

The concept of the LA Candy series was more of a compromise than an original thought. I was interested in writing a dating book (sort of a what-not-to-do for someone who's made all of the mistakes) and HarperCollins wanted me to write a tell-all about The Hills. Since I wasn't comfortable revealing the secrets of others we began talking about a fictional series. This way I could tell the story of a journey similar to the my own without calling anyone out...but still include insider knowledge from someone who's lived it.

How are the books [related] to your personal life - was that the inspiration?

I wrote from experiences and I also based characters on a compilation of people I had met in my life but the books aren't real life. I had a ton of fun playing make-believe.

I have to say, you have always been a great decorator -- your house on television and apartment was very chic. Is a decorating or lifestyle book something you may do in the future?

It's funny that you say that because I have always struggled with
decorating. I can throw an outfit together in 30 seconds flat but show me an empty room or blank wall and I'm stumped. I have learned a few things along the way like...the color you paint your walls will reflect off your skin (example: green wall make u look sick), flowers are a great way to add a pop color to any room (peonies are the best), and flea markets are great for finding deals and original pieces. I would love to write a book about decorating because I would learn so much in the process and then get to share it with others.

A few seasons ago we saw your collection during LA Fashion Week. Do you plan
on showing again at some point?

I am currently starting up a new clothing line with one of my best friends. It's a contemporary line similar to my original but with a different look. The first season we are designing is Fall 2011.

You always seem to have a lot going on - never a dull moment! What is up next for you?

I have a book tour coming up in the beginning of October. Actually it's a double tour for my third novel, Sugar & Spice, and a Style guide that I wrote (Lauren Conrad Style). Besides that I have the clothing lines to keep me busy, but I am also looking for the perfect project to produce. I've always loved the production side of entertainment and would love to be a part of it. I just want to be careful to select a show that I'll love. I want my first one to be great!

We just can't wait for the next book to come out in the LA Candy series. Sugar & Spice, along with Lauren's Style book will hit shelves in October. Start counting down now! In the meantime make sure you pick up the page-turning series and stay-up-to date with Lauren on Twitter and on her website. Of course, the LA Candy series gets the cupcakeMAG stamp of approval - they all are must-reads!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

effortless summer style -- go-to summer outfit

By Shasta Moczulski

Effortless Summer style is just that, easy, but still chic.  For me, I have to stay cool in whatever I wear, otherwise I will not look or feel fabulous.  Instead I will look like a harried, melting, cranky mom.  That is just not a good look.  Trust me, I've tried it, it's not flattering! With that being said, my day look is almost always a simple cotton knit dress, a big bag, gold bracelets and flat sandals.  I can easily wear this look day to night by simply changing my sandals and handbag.  Chanel is my absolute go to for my evening handbag, a simple flap will always be a classic bag that will last forever.  

Simple cotton dresses can be found and just about any price point.  I have a few from Forever 21, that I bought a few years ago at $12.50 a piece.  They are still in my Summer wardrobe rotation and still look great!   Usually I just buy solid colors, I know, sounds boring, but it is so much easier to look chic.  

These dresses from J.Crew and Lulu's are just perfect with Steve Madden flats or Jules High Heel Sandal -- and don't forget the Louis or Chanel! 

meet our fashion/beauty director {posh} Shasta!

Shasta Moczulski is known for her love of luxury handbags, shoes and HUGE diamonds. While fabulous designer pieces are a must in her wardrobe, she always mixes high and low pieces. Fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune to be fabulous!

Shasta currently works in the skin care industry and loves to talk about skin, products and makeup! Shasta is a mother to three, believing that you can still be fashion forward while raising a family. Some of her favorite things are classic Chanel flap bags, cotton jersey dresses from Forever 21, vodka tonics, Epicuren skin care products, decorating and of course shopping!

Shasta grew up in rural parts of the country with her mom, dad and two sisters. Learning about what matters most in this life from her parents, hard work, love and kindness. While she no longer lives the country life, she greatly appreciates where she came from and the parents that raised her. Married to Jerry, Shasta can often be found with Jer and their three kids eating sushi or trolling fashion websites for the latest trends. After writing private blogs for several years, Shasta is thrilled to be a part of the CupcakeMAG team and we are THRILLED to have her!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day Five- Tyler Rose

On Monday, July 19, 2010, California-based designer Nichole Carroll showcased her latest assortment of swimwear fashion in a collection she is calling Sweet Emotion,” – retro-chic pieces that are reminiscent of the time period spanning the late 70’s to the early 80’s – a little glitz mixed with a little glam. 
Nichole Carroll, designer

Rock and Roll met glamour on the Runway for the finale show of Mercedes-Benz Swim Week at The Raleigh, MiamiOasis Tent.

Tyler Rose Swimwear showcased a collection full of mix-and-match separates, luminous colors, feminine ruffles, braiding, stripes, lace and crochet detailing for Spring 2011. Girlfriend of musician John Legend, Sports Illustrated model Christy Tegan strutted the runway along with the other models, all donning retro-inspired makeup looks and big, teased hair courtesy of Make Up Forever and Femme Coiffure Hair Spa.

The front row included notable attendees like celebrity rapper Trina, better known as “Da Baddest Bitch” who stayed for photos and to meet the designer after the show; Buccellati Handbag Designer, Laura Buccellati

Tyler Rose Swimwear was recognized as an emerging designer during Swim Week in Miami last summer, participating in an off-site show at The Rooftop at Gansevoort Miami Beach. This year, the designer couldn’t be more proud of herself as she introduced her latest collection under the official Mercedes-Benz Swim Week tents.

Attendees of this year’s runway show would agree that women everywhere will be “Walking Poolside like it’s a Runway” in Tyler Rose Swimwear!

Day Three- True Religion

On Saturday, July 17, 2010, guests gathered at The Raleigh Hotel – Cabana Grande at 9:00 p.m. for the debut of True Religion Swimwear Collection Spring 2011. True Religion Swimwear brought an American vintage vibe to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011 with its eye-catching men and women’s swimwear and accessories. 

True Religion Swimwear Collection Spring 2011 offered vintage-Americana, hippie-esqe style to women’s swimwear in a wide variety of colors and prints.

“This season was all about incorporating playful takes to the signature collection, said Fawn Arthur, Creative Director of Sea & Sun Swimwear. “We added touches of fun animal prints and plaids as well as unique fabric washes to maintain the vintage appeal.”

Day Three- Poko Pono

Founder and creator of Poko Pano, Paola Robba, invited guests to preview her love for Brazil – a celebration of the country’s pure and exotic environment. 

On Saturday, July 17, 2010 an eclectic mix of fashion elite including American pop-singer, Ana Cristina; shoe designers Donald J. and Lisa Pliner; luxury handbag designer  Laura Buccellati and  Miami Beach City Commissioner, Michael Gongora observed the preview of  “Amo o Brasil,” the Portuguese translation for “I love Brazil.” The dynamic Summer 2011 collection of swimwear and beachwear was inspired by the country’s intense aromas, attractions and landscapes. The vibrant color palette included variations of yellows, reds, and greens, turquoise, black and white. Signature designs included heart-shaped patterns that represented Paola’s passion for Brazil, toucan birds and banana flowers to signify the vibrant scenery, rose and coconut trees to denote the aromatic atmosphere. 

Day Three-Ed Hardy Swimwear

On Saturday, July 16, 2010, guests gathered at The Raleigh Hotel – Cabana Grande at 9:00 p.m. for the debut of Ed Hardy Swimwear Spring 2011 Men’s and Women’s Contemporary Swim Collection.

The edgy apparel and lifestyle brand Ed Hardy joined the lineup of designers at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011, bringing an eclectic mix to Miami Beach with its eye-catching swim collections. Celebrity and VIP attendees included model/actress and accessory designer Phoebe Price, shoe designer Lisa Pliner, N*SYNC former band mate Lance Bass, America’s Next Top Model season 7 contestant Anchal Joseph, BRAVO’s Miami Social ’s Ariel Stein and luxury handbag designer Laura Buccellati.

Maintaining the tattoo edge that Ed Hardy is infamous for, designer Christian Audigier incorporated a feminine flare by mixing bright, bold colors and saturated neons.

New embellishments included zipper accents, lurex straps, chainlink details and custom hardware and textures, taking the authentic Ed Hardy art and giving the brand a fresh, new upgrade. New tie-dye combinations of lime paired with gold, shades of mango, vivid blues and aqua’s, added a tropical twist to the runway.

Chris Brown’s model girlfriend Jasmine Sanders walked in the show as well as Corde Broadus, son of rapper Snoop Dogg and Chrissy Teigen, model girlfriend of John Legend also sauntered on the runway.
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