Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion Alert! Miami Fashion Week

By: Elizabeth Seever,  Contributing Writer

Miami Fashion Week is quickly approaching! (Thursday July 15-Monday July 19) and some of the trends that we are looking forward to seeing this summer are fun, flirty yet classic.

A trend that we are very excited for is the cutout swimsuit. Designers like Lisa Maree are trying the trend out on 2011 Swim Collection. The only thing on my mind is cut out tan lines and how to get around them.

Yet again watch out for Metallics! Red Carter, Crystal Jin and Tyler Rose are each designing swimwear that glitters in the sun.

One last trend that we hope to see a lot of is high waist bikinis circa 1940’s and 1950’s. For those who loves a good thrift store, high waist bikinis are always a find for the Marilyn Monroe esque. We love that the classic look is back on runways everywhere.

As for our favorites be on the look out for Maryisa Swim and Tyler Rose. So everyone get their tanning lotion and shades on and look out for Miami Fashion Week! Coverage to come........

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