Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spruce it up with Polka Dots!

By Kim 

What is more fun than adding polka dots to your wardrobe? Polka dots can add a retro vibe that some might be itching for, or they can be the perfect compliment to a boring outfit.  Polka dots can work in many different scenarios too. Fun casual clothes are easy, but you can absolutely dress up the polka dot for wedding, or style it professionally for an important meeting at work! Here are some of our faves for incorporating polka dots into your current wardrobe. 

Are you dress kind of girl? If so, these are some dresses for you! 

Beige/White: Asos, Navy/White: Kate Spade, Black/White: Kate Spade, Pink/White: Alice & Olivia, Black/White: Target 

I know I like to incorporate some fun into my Corporate America wardrobe, so while these blouses remain professional, they definitely add some flair to a suit! 

Red/Black Blouse: Yves St. Laurent, Yellow/Black Blouse: Suzannah, Yellow/Blue Blouse: TopShop 

For a more casual/weekend look for polka dots, grab a boyfriend cardigan or a tunic over some skinny jeans or leggings. Casual polka dots are very versatile and are sure to add personality! 

Long Sweater: Paul & Joe Siste , Cardigan: Dolce & Gabbana, Tank Tunic: Romeo & Juliet 

Some people may feel overwhelmed with polka dots as a clothing piece, but if you still love the pattern, and do not necessarily want to wear polka dots as shirt, dress, or skirt you can always accessorize them! Add a polka dot print bag, or scarf, and even some retro sunglasses! 

Scarf: Old Navy, Sunglasses: Asos, Bag: Juicy Couture, Bag; Kate Spade, Silk Scarf: Miu Miu 

Tell us: How do you wear your polka dots? 


  1. I adore polka dots. If I had to pick two items it would be the Romeo & Juliet Tunic and that adorable scarf :)

  2. Those dresses and that scarf are adorable!

  3. I just purchased that polka dot scarf from Old Navy and I love it! I have so many things that it will go with!


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