Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top Nail Picks For Spring!

Did you know that wearing a bright, fresh nail polish color can improve your mood?  Okay fine, this isn't a proven fact but as far as I'm concerned it's true!  Besides, it's the perfect accessory to your spring wardrobe!  I confess, I am slightly obsessed with trying new colors, changing them often, and of course comparing favorites with my friends.  After years of this "research", I finally compiled my top nail colors.  I've got tons of favorites but here are my top 5 specifically for Spring!

My top 5 picks for spring nail colors.  

1.  Perfect Pale Pink
My friend Sara and I have been searching for the perfect pale pink nail polish for years.  True story! They usually look perfect in the bottle but then go on practically clear.  We finally succeeded!! I introduce to you, Minimalistic by Essie. 

It even looks good when you have no tan.  The best part? Buy a bottle and skip the professional manicure - it's pretty hard to mess up.  This color will be accompanying me to the beach this summer. 

2.  Perfect True Red
My favorite true RED is "O'Hare and Nails Look Great" by OPI.  I love wearing this red when you are rocking a nautical look.  I love navy and white outfits in spring and summer, and this red would be the perfect accessory.  Besides, classic red nails are so chic, not to mention timeless, trend proof, and season proof too!

3. Perfect Coral
My pick for best coral for spring is "Cajun Shrimp" by OPI.  If you've ever read any recommendations for nail colors that go with your skin tone, one thing beauty editors usually agree on in that coral looks good on almost all shades of skin. So if you can't decide what color you want, this is the one to go with!

4. Perfect Pastel
"Nice is nice" by Essie will no doubt be my choice for Easter! This color is part of Essie's new spring collection, which is described as a "whimsical light lavender."  Pastel on your nails?? Pretty pretty please!!

5. Perfect Pink
When all you want is a simple, plain ole pink, I recommend "A Dozen Rosas" by OPI.  Maybe I just love this color because it looks like all the Cherry Blossoms blooming right now! To me, this is just a classic, pretty pink. 

Once you have your favorite shade on, don't forget to use cuticle oil often! Cuticle oil is the best way to keep that manicure looking perfect for as long as possible!  My favorite is Solar Oil by CND but OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go also gets very good reviews.

Spring has sprung my friends- get your hands on these shades and you won't be sorry.  Keep your well manicured finger on the pulse of spring fashion and I'd say you've got a great start to a chic season.


  1. Love OPI and Essie polish! Such soft colors, love them. I better start my Spring fashion shopping.

  2. Great color choices!! I am really into Coral tones this spring/summer so I will have to pick up the OPI you are recommending!

  3. Melisa - I agree! OPI and Essie never fail! Kim I am also loving the corals, I feel like they go easily with everything! And yes you must try cajun Shrimp!


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