Friday, September 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Wannabe in her shoes?

As we all know, well those new junkies that is -- Lindsay was hauled of to Lynnwood this morning after her court appearance in Christian Louboutin's. She arrived to court for her violating probation hearing today in Louboutin's that currently retail at Barney's for $1,195 -- the Madame Butterfly Booties. At least she was uber-stylish and will be showing up to jail in to die for booties! 

We ask again: Wannabe in her shoes? 

Tell us what you think. Not fair? She needs rehab? Tell us your thoughts! 
Besides loving the shoes, we really think LiLo could use some serious drug-rehab. 
After all - we love her movies and her style. 


  1. It's just sad when I see celebs with every resource at their disposal and they can't get clean. Then, I realize they have EVERY resource at their disposal and either feel entitled, or that they're above the law, or it's just too hard to resist when you can have whatever you want. Would she be an alcoholic/addict if she weren't famous? I think it's a good possibility.

  2. Oh, and as far as the shoes...I die.


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