Saturday, December 4, 2010

the PERFECT gift for the HOSTESS with the MOSTESS

Dimmalimm is one of our favorite shops. From our favorite coasters, wool felt garland & just everything eco-chic - the shop is all about eco-friendly home decor that is all made from organic materials, wool felt, hemp, recycled hand printed fine fabrics and handmade with couture finishing. What's not to love? 

What? Stay on coasters ($18) that are eco- friendly made from wool felt that are perfect accessories for your wine glasses during the most stylish dinner party! 

Who they are? We are a mother/daughter duo from Iceland, currently living in Los Angeles (relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2011 in case we forget to update the profile). We work full time out of our own home based studio filled with industrial sewing machines, huge work table and an office. Ragga (daughter) comes from a background in fine arts and contemporary art theory, Disa (mother) as a tailor/dressmaker and a business woman in entertainment. Ragga designs, does customer service and business communication and runs errands. Disa developes prototypes, takes care of fulfillment, tracks inventory and supplies and does the books.

We started working together in the 90's on period costuming for film and theater. In the early 2000's we then opened our pattern and sample room serving local fashion designers as well as doing interior textiles. We served high end designers, pattern makers for world famous french fashion houses and project runway finalists as well as local boutiques and tiny start-up labels for several years. 

Our pattern and sample business was practically wiped out in the fall of 2008 when the recession hit as the entire luxury and fashion industry was seriously affected. In the months to come we found ourselves searching for means to create work for ourselves. We opened Dimmalimm Shop selling childrens clothing in the summer of 2009, then Dimmalimm Home about 3 or 4 months later. The funny thing is we always dreamed of starting our own line rather than working for others but kept putting it off - in the end we were pushed into it by circumstance.

Well, what are you waiting for - visit the shop NOW. 


  1. very cool shop:) thanks for sharing

  2. Those little things are adorable!


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