Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We asked!

Today we tweeted a picture of a FABulous tee. We got quite a few tweets back (enough to have to write a post!) wondering who sent them? 
Well.....we are here to give you that answer! 

Dressing on the Side is a super-cute & fun tee shop on Etsy that we immediately fell in love with because of their cupcake tees! Which of course, everyone was asking about! Well, here they are! 

Cupcake Wishes Tee, $12
Cupcakes are Cool Tee, $21
And for all you coffee lovers - they have the perfect tee!
Morning Buzz Tee, $12
We think they make they perfect gift for your friend or yourself! So check out their shop and make sure you check out their blog, they say, it's where all the cool kids go

Note from the designers: Late at night (while you're snoozing away) we think up our pen and ink designs and early in the morning we silkscreen them on the softest t-shirts known to man (maybe it really doesn't happen that fast but believe the part about our tees being supersoft).

Stay tuned for our interview with the fab designers next month! 

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