Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jenny's Frugal Christmas List

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer

Editors Note: You are going to laugh really hard. Be prepared. 

I’m throwing my pennies in every wishing well I see and making massive wishes ::closes eyes real hard and crosses fingers::  I hope Santa Baby noticed I was over-the-top well-behaved this year and will be showering me with a bunch of lavish gifts.  I know my list might be a little extreme, but why can’t a girl wish big? 

I’d love to replace the bread maker I’ve been mourning the loss of for a year now.  I used to throw the ingredients in and be on my merry way (yes, they are THAT easy) – and in a few hours – voila – yummy carbiness.  I am sure my bum is not missing it, but my tastebuds are relentless in yearning for another one (and homemade pizza dough).  And this is why my first pick is a breadmaker, by “BAM!” Emeril. (True story: I’m pretty sure the hubs has tried to buy me one several times, and I’ve told him that he cannot buy me appliances as gifts, so I asked my mom.  HA!)

I ALWAYS love getting makeup.  Maybe it’s because all the amazing gift sets are out and I do not splurge very often.  It’s like a princess’s dream to have millions of shades of blue, green and pink eye shadow (that you’ll probably never use, but you’ve got it just in case!).  My favorite selections for gift sets are:  Stila’s Holiday Lip Glaze Collection. I am a huge lover of their lip glazes.  Why you ask? Because in Colorado my staple is Chapstick – not glamorous at all.  Stila does NOT dry my lips out like everything else I’ve tried.  I adore it and hold it close to my heart…um, I mean lips. I can’t get enough of the vibrant colors for nail polishes…my inner goth can totally make its appearance with this line of Sephora by OPI mini collections -  I can use the colors and by the time they’re sooooo last season, they will be gone!  I’m excited to try “Teal we meet again” on my toes.  And lastly, who wouldn’t love to be “Box Office Sensational” while donning your new lids, cheeks & lips with Lorac’s huge travel case full of fun .I could spend an entire afternoon creating looks for myself with this baby.

I’m a very giving person during the holidays.  That’s why I like to treat my hubs to a gift (I’m pretty selfless….and humble too).  Because we have to keep “Santa” happy -  I’d choose a sassy little number like this one…and of course I would look like this in it too, because I’m going to stop eating….NOW!

I’ve been eyeing this little guy since I received Juicy Couture’s catalog about a week ago.  This gift would really knock my socks off. Not only is it a gorgeous diamond encrusted “J” that can be added to my Juicy tracksuits, but it is also my initial and I can add it to a necklace too.  I think it’s a totally realistic add to my list, right?  It’s practical, if I happen to get lost at a mall with amnesia and forget my first initial.  (I will justify anything)

As I got dressed this morning I decided of a practical gift for myself.  Something my wardrobe is missing and could desperately use – a pair of Leopard print heels.  Like these by Vince Camuto -- I’m kinda particular about the print from the leopard – it’s my pickiness coming out.  But I really like this one and I think it will bring out my inner-cougar.  RAAAWR!
I’m don’t consider myself a sappy person, but I do love to love, love…Make sense?  So why not wear it on my chest with this sweet little number by designer Aziza Jewelry.  It’s a precious little Sterling Silver necklace that I think will continue to bring love to me.  Oh my gosh, I AM a sap!

I’ve gotta list something for my sweet tooth.  My sweet tooth is massive…about the size of my mouth and it LOVES some good chocolates, cakes, candies, well, pretty much anything with sugar in it.  I’ve been wanting to try these Marshmallow and Caramel treats by Hammonds Candies here in Denver. The display at our local Whole Foods is enormous and it’s my fantasy to get locked in the store and sit and lick it all. I’ve been to the candy factory tour, (mouth watering the whole time), but didn’t get myself any caramels.  What was I thinking? 

I believe that if I wish REAL hard Santa will leave me one of these under my tree.  Or just outside the house would work too…    No biggie, just a Range Rover.  HA!  Since going to meet up with the CupcakeMag ladies, I fell in love with Angela’s Rover (ya, me and the Rove are on nickname basis now).  I had no idea it would be so posh and so roomy too (see it IS practical!)… And that’s why I think my good behavior this year warrants a nice big Range Rover.  What do you think?  (I know, far-fetched…but again, a girl can dream big!)

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!  I know my marshmallows (errr…I mean family) and I will be cuddling by the fire and enjoying time with each other – I hope you do the same!

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  1. I am now torn between starving myself til christmas for the lingerie OR locking myself in the bathroom with those caramels! Thanks, Jenny! Oh, and I'm so going for the caramels option <3


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