Tuesday, May 11, 2010

editors pick -- eco-chic spring sandals from Naya Shoes

naya shoes: tried, tested & true

Note: This post differs from others - as you know, here at Cupcake Mag "WE" (my cupcake team & I) always review items before spreading the love. But for this post, it gets a little personal from yours truly; a serious shoe addict.

On Easter Sunday it is a family tradition to go to the Basilica National Shrine in Washington, DC - a place that is beyond beautiful but on a large campus with a lot of steps -- definitely not the best place for heels.

Needless to say, this was the perfect day to road test a pair of Naya heels sent to us. I am catholic and if you know or are familiar with their church service it is a lot of up and down (stand&sit) kneel and stand, etc - so comfy yet cute shoes are a must (and hard to come by) so you aren't the antsy one bouncy around on your heels as they give you blisters. One of the many reasons we adore this eco-friendly line of shoes.

With 3 kids in tow easter morning, well, 4 if you count the mister, I was up (7:30am) and dressed shoes and all before anyone. Kids showered and dressed and out the door while we sat in the car waiting for the mister, but that's beside the point.

For 12 plus hours I toted tots, hiked up shrine steps, walked maybe about a mile to the bathroom during church service (gotta love excercise and five flights of steps in heels) hunted for easter eggs, ran to the grocery store for the last minute easter dinner items and then got it all on the table for a family gathering - all while wearing my Naya "Atwood" sandals and not even thinking "I must get out of these heels" - yes, they were that comfortable.

Around 8pm, when I first sat down besides when praying at church and the 20 minute dinner - I finally took off my shoes. So my mistake, 12.5 hours and no blisters, crying soles, and smooshed toes. As a shoe addict, I was amazed. I'm used to telling myself beauty is pain but today was the first time I wore heels for that long and didn't have to recite it all day long (or change into flip flops stat).

From running errands in jeans to a meeting in the office the line is perfectly eco-chic so you can enrich your style with natural beauty -- chrome-free leather upper, biodegradable latex, nickel-free, cork and rubber wrapped, natural weaves, recycled cork, sustainable bamboo -- you name it, they use it in the most natural way possible.

We love all the collections from the line but, the McCloud Natural Wedges ($125) and the Atwood ($120) from the Botanical Chic collection have the heart of our sole. Believe me, your feet will thank you.


Naya is a collection of beautiful eco-friendly shoes that look good, feel good and simply are good for you and for the earth. Blending feminine style, premium comfort and eco-friendly design, Naya shoes are beautiful on your feet, soft on your step and gentle on the earth. This sophisticated collection of eco-friendly sandals and shoes integrates natural, recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible to lessen our global footprint.

Stay up-to-date with Naya Shoes on Twitter and visit their website to shop online or find a store near you.

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  1. Oh my! Loving that top pair!!! And I think these would be perfect for vacuuming in :)


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