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Text: Casi Densmore-Koon
Images: Randy Brooke/Wire Image

WHAT: RENI LANE at Citrine
WHEN: Tuesday June 16th @ 10PM


Basically devasted over not making Reni Lane's performace at Citrine last week we were more then excited to chat with her (via email) in hopes that we can grace this talented young spirit one day soon - she told us not to worry as there will be many more shows in the future.

Reni Lane was born in a small town in VA but it didn't take her long to make it in the BIG CITY of New York.

When did your love affair with music begin? I have to admit my love affair with music was solidified through Disney movies and characters, particularly Ariel from "The Little Mermaid." As a kid it really mystified me how Ursula took away Ariel's voice (with that memorable melody) and used it as a spell - to me this showed that music had some sort of divine power and I wanted to live in that world.

Were you always fascinated with the piano or did you consider other musical instruments?
There is a romantic, personal quality to the piano that I will always adore. Growing up I loved the idea of classical composers like Mozart or Debussy sitting at the piano by candle light hammering it out, just the human and their instrument. But I don't musically discriminate per say. I love a challenge and every instrument I come across I want to get my hands on and figure out, whether it's flute, trombone or guitar or something electronic like Ableton (all stuff I've played at one point).

What is the biggest difference between UK and the US?
Well musically speaking, the UK is much smaller so I feel there is more community support in the unknown artist circuit there. An upcoming band can tour many places easily, get the word out, and receive more attention compared to a band trying to do the same thing in the vast expanse of say, the US midwest. But on the other hand I think the UK musical taste is more discriminating - which makes things harder, but helps the best rise to the top. I don't think there's a British version of Hannah Montana, but maybe I am wrong!

What is on you ipod now?
New stuff I have is Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, and Bat for Lashes. Artists always in heavy rotation are My Bloody Valentine, Neil Young, Madonna, and David Bowie.

If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be?
That's a hard question because I think a lot of duets work best with an interesting combination of voices. For instance, the artist I admire most might not mix with my voice that well - although hands down I would do anything just to be near Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes, I have quite a musical crush on her!

What do we have to look forward to in the future?
Aside from constantly promoting my record online and in the real world (out Sept. 15th on Custard/Uni Motown), right now I'm deep into raising a killer rock band to "back me" on tour, though I really see my band and I as one unit, not separate entities. I want people who hear my music not just to love the album, but to be blown away by the live show. The main thing I want people to take away from the show is that they had the most fun they've ever had at a concert.

Who are your biggest inspirations when it comes to your music making?
Any band that can change and rise above what they're "known," for are an inspiration to me, like PJ Harvery, Coldplay, and TV on the Radio. I also may be the last person in the world who still loves Bono. I think his lyrics are amazing and his voice has kept mutating and maturing on a very interesting sonic path that always keeps me guessing and wondering...how does he sing that?

I remember once reading in Nylon Magazine that you were a fan of Topshop (we are too!) - do you have a favorite designers? what can we catch you wearing?
Fashion is all about customizing your own look, and I end up tailoring or repurposing pieces to my own taste, as well as mixing high and low fashion. My favorite designer of the moment is Erin Fetherston. I just worked with her on her new video look book and all the outfits are amazing! I'm a big fan of pairing one of her dresses with Doc Martens, or Apollo Braun with a simple American Apparel skirt and a vintage purse.


1. I love tuna sushi followed by green tea ice cream
2. I get a lot of ideas for songs from dreams - and I keep a dream diary.
3. I still don't really know what the word "hipster" means.
4. I've never smoked a cigarette (or weed for that matter) in my life.
5. At one point in my life I wanted to be a professional tennis player. Now it looks like I'll be at Wimbleton only in the stands!

Place for us (quite infectious)now has the top hits on our ipods and as soon as you download it we can gurantee the same will go for YOU! And while listening to the track catch up with Reni on one or all of the sites listed below.....



  1. never heard of her before & so gald you have & shared it with us. can't wait for the cd, in the meantime I am downloading that song and any others - she seems really cool, love her look!

  2. I also never heard of her but after reading about her I found myself looking into her songs. I have to say I think she is amazing. If it hadn't been for your interview I probably would be missing out on this wonderful artist! Definately will be following her in the future!

  3. SHE IS AMAZING! I hope to catch a show soon. Thanks for always keeping us updated.....I will have to follow her on twitter for more updates!


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