Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We would like to announce the launch (officially!) of the One Dress website, www.one-dress.com. “The One-Dress Womankind Can Depend On” dress project has been officially dubbed.


Collectively designed and created with the input of over 1000 women from across the globe via online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc (we never realized our inspiration would create a dress. Eighteen months ago women on the social networks were asked to share their thoughts about their dreams, lifestyles, etc that relate to one simple and truly important piece of clothing – the one-dress!
These social women shared their likes and dislikes in colors, fabrics, necklines and season and that is how the one-dress was conceived, incubated and now released into the fashionista universe via their website.

Constructed of 100% silk knit jersey – the one-dress can be wrapped and dresses in as many ways as us fashionistas can imagine. Who can we thank for the one-dress? Creative Director Malcolm Harris of Mal Sirrah, Inc. founded the one-dress project.


A portion of all profits will go to benefit the charity Womankind Worldwide. You’re not just helping yourself look good – your helping others while doing it. Go get the “One-Dress”!

For more information visit the following:

Website: www.malsirrah.com
You Tube: www.youtube.com/malsirrah

From Mal Sirrah, Inc.
WOMAN KIND worldwide believes women in developing countries are a powerful force for change. Women have an abundance of practical ideas for improving their own lives and lifting their families and communities out of poverty. But this can only happen if they have the confidence and opportunities to articulate their needs and ideas – and be listed to WOMANKIND Worldwide is devoted to enabling women to achieve this.

Visit www.womankind.org.uk for more information.

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