Monday, August 17, 2009

show love for Claudiae

Originally from Ecuador, Claudia Estrada has traveled around the world in the name of fashion. Claudiae is the fashionista's namesake line, featuring her personal aesthetic, which favors shimmering fabrics, bold prints, and feminine details.

The collection includes textured leggings, loose tunics and blouses as well as the season's latest retro throwback, the romper. The minis are versatile from season to season when paired with leggings and offer various options for day or night.

The entire collection is feminine and fun, emphasizing the waist, with drawstring ties or belts as well as drop waists and high-waisted options. A believer in showcasing every woman’s individual beauty the line is created to be worn with ease, comfort and a fashion-forward attitude.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god! I am in love with each and every outfit you pictured! I am now in need of a fix of this designer. I think this could be my fashion drug!


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