Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Who doesn't love a little touch of California? .... the boho-chic esq style of a surfer girl slash hippie & all those pretty faces- the bohemian style is one we truly heart.

When we came across two California girls on Etsy we were more then ecstatic. Bekah & Emily sent us some fabulous items from their line that we immediately fell in love with........

The Mommy & Me Friendship Charm bracelets ($56, set) have to be one of the most unique items we have come across especially if you have one or two little fashionistas to share them with - your mini-me will LOVE matching with their fashion mommy icon.

Don't have a little one yet? Opt for the Original L.A. Native Friendship Charm Bracelet ($32), featured in the Etsy gift guide "The Hot List" - tribal inspired.
Stack em' up to create the perfect look.

the ROYALTY antique house necklace, $84, is simple yet elegant. We adore the sky & earth colored gems along the assorted quartz, turquoise, garnet, and agate beads featured in a rosary type style. It is perfect for layering with other necklaces from the collection.

all about the california girls
a note from the designers: Bekah Bourget & Emily Hudson

L.A. NATIVE is a collaborative effort between two California girls. Inspired by the beaches, canyons, and city streets we grew up on...and the desire to make something old new again...we chose to create. We make art that you can wear. Every individually designed piece of L.A. NATIVE jewelry is handcrafted and 100% original. No two pieces are alike. We believe in the power of self expression and personal style and enjoy creating something special and unique for everyone. Our designs are created using only the finest of new and reclaimed vintage materials, and include leather, feathers, reclaimed vintage fur, semi-precious stones and metals, vintage charms, antique swarsovski crystal beads and much more. All feathers are naturally molted, for your peace of mind and ours. We love treasures...good luck...and freedom. We hope that’s what L.A. NATIVE will represent to you. xo

Get updates from L.A. NATIVE on their blog, twitter and check them out on facebook.


  1. I just recently became obsessed (again) with friendship bracelets. I taught my 2 girls how to make them and now they're giving them to their friends. (I'm so proud) I even surprised the girls with gifts of my artistry. I LOVE these though... They are boho chic and AMAZING! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I am a Japanese who had $172.00 USD money deceived by Bekah Bourget & Emily Hudson.
    An address is not known although it is [ lawsuit ] under preparation.
    Please let know an address.
    The money of this jewelry was taken and goods were not sent.
    What is a wonderful jewelry?


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