Thursday, October 21, 2010

Alexis Bellino, Wife, Mother, Reality Star and Designer!

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion & Beauty Director

All of us at CupcakeMAG fell in love with Alexis Bellino and her heart of gold when she was introduced to us as “The New Housewife of Orange County” on Bravo’s hit series “Real Housewives of Orange County”.  
Bar none, Alexis has NO agenda, only wants the best for her marriage, her children, has the kindest heart, and I am GENUINELY blessed by this interview!

First of all, thank you for the interview you and congratulations on your new dress line!  You always look so pretty, stylish and confident. What was your inspiration to start designing?

Well thank you for the compliment! My main inspiration in starting Alexis Couture is two-fold: First, I wanted to make fashion EASY for the busy mom (and non-moms!!) who needs to grab ONE item from her closet and go, and two, I want to bring the couture feeling of fashion to women  at an expense everyone can afford. 

When will your new dress line be available? 
January 2011.

Where will our readers be able to purchase your collections?   

Always on my website, but also in a few stores and boutiques that will soon be announced!  

How is the new season of RHOOC going?  Assuming that you are filming anyway!   

Honestly?  Just kidding!  I actually feel that I learned so much last year about myself, and each of the women that I feel the season is going well! I'm not saying it is drama-free, but I am saying that IT'S GOING TO BE GOOD!

Is there a moment from a past season of RHOOC, that you were in, that is your favorite?  

I think the moment that I prayed for Vicki's daughter. That was such a tough scene for all of us, none of us expecting that argument between Vicki and I to occur. So when it did, and I realized that the focus was being shifted from Vicki's precious daughter to our own dispute, it felt good and right to take the matter back to Briana (Vicki’s daughter). That's really what life is really about - staying healthy and your children.

How are your kids? What are their ages now?

My kids are fabulous! They make me smile and keep it real for me!  My son is 41/2 and my twin daughters are 3 yrs old in November!  Although my son acts 34 and my twins are the most emotional little things I've ever witnessed! 

What is your favorite part of the day with your kids?  

Definitely breakfast.  It's the one meal during the day that EVERYONE is in a good mood, including me (lol), and I just love waking up and all five of us having breakfast together! I usually cook, they are only allowed cereal one day per week, so the rest of the time it's fun to have them help me make French toast, eggs, oatmeal etc! 

How is Jim?  Do you two still go on regular dates? 

My honey is doing so well!  We make it a weekly requirement to spend one dinner a week out alone, getting to reconnect, discussing our exciting endeavors, discussing our kids (of course!) and just relaxing while someone else can cook the darn meal! LOL!

You have gorgeous skin, what is your skincare regimen? 

Thank you again!  I wash every morning, and every evening. I use a skincare line from Cosmeticare, called Vivite with a couple other products from them Intracueticals and Neocutis. It's important to always wash, tone, and moisturize several times a day! Plus you always have to remember to pay special attention to your eyes-they need extra moisture and care! And drink WATER!!

Do you wear foundation?  Our readers are always on the hunt for a great foundation. Is there one that you love?  

I never used foundation BEFORE Housewives! I do use two different ones now: On camera I use Smashbox High Definition Health FX foundation. Off camera I use Urban Decay Surreal Skin to Powder Foundation.     

I really admire how open you are about your Faith, have you thought about writing children's books based upon Christian principles?  

I feel that faith is important because it helps remind us this life is not about us, it's about what is next to come. Faith is what keeps me going every day of my life. When times get tough, it seems it would be so easy to fall into the trap of "victim", however with a strong faith, it makes it easier to know you are not alone and God will always meet you where you are.  I have absolutely thought about writing a children's book based upon Christian principles. 

Can you tell us what other plans you have on the horizon for 'Alexis'? Will jewelry become a part if your line?  

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!!! The great part of "Alexis Couture" is that there are many embellishments on some of the dresses that allow me to still fill that jewelry aspect as well! My focus is on my dress line right now because I want to perfect it before I move onto other entities of Alexis Couture. It could EASILY be another facet of Alexis Couture in the future.

What are 10 things that our readers may not know about you?    

1. I love Coffee Bean over Starbucks.
2. I sleep on my stomach more than my back.
3. I HATE road rage.                                                                       
4. My dream is to be on Dancing with the Stars (on ABC) OR hosting it!                                                                       
5. I have a lips gloss addiction.                                                          
6. I am a list girl. I have bought every type of PDA, electronic organizer, my phone etc, and I ALWAYS go back to my notebook and post-it notes. It drives my hubby CRAZY!
7. I am scared of heights but love roller coasters, explain that one to me! 8. I suffered from Postpartum Depression after my twins.
9. I LOVE a good bargain!!!                                                             
10. I eat tuna out of a pack for lunch probably twice a week- for convenience and it tastes good!!        

In the next few weeks we will be bringing you all the behind the scenes details about Alexis Belino’s new dress line and all of her upcoming projects, so stay tuned! 
Thank you to Alexis for being such a breath of fresh air, you are such a doll!

Off Topic…
Want to know more about Alexis?  Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and of course her website!
Alexis, can you tell Jim to tell my Jer where to order a fab monogram pendant like yours?  I really NEED that up in my life, this girl loves bling and anything monogrammed and THAT features my babies’ initials!  SO please do let Jer know where to order that pendant from and I cannot wait to place my order from your new line!  Xoxo


  1. Great interview! I'm dying over the dress in the very first picture! I love a black and white 60's inspired frock more than anything!

  2. Gorgeous dresses! Love that they hit you mid thigh. Perfect length for my legs.

  3. LOVE this interview.
    I want all those dresses & the 2nd in every color.
    See, YOU can be so POSH & a christian.
    A MOM can do it ALL!

    Best Wishes girls,
    Joelle xoxo

  4. The second dress is SUCH a beautiful color-love the ruffles too!


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