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The KiKi Beach Trunk Show


Images : Courtesy of Urban Chic

Time and Place: Thursday November 13th 5-9pm
Urban Chic, Bethesda Location

One of the trendiest boutiques in town, Urban Chic, held a trunk show for store manager Catherine Koch to welcome Kiki Beach to the neighborhood. A local to the Baltimore area, Catherine is now living in the swank Georgetown and has a serious addiction to clothes and statement necklaces. Always interested in fashion she worked in boutiques during the summers in college. After graduating in 2004 her desire for jewelry making began. Catherine was hooked once her Aunt Wendy showed her how to make necklaces. She began making necklaces for her friends, which also including for weddings. When she made the move to Washington DC she applied for a part time sales job at Urban Chic in Georgetown in June of 2007 and has been with the company ever since, and is now a Store Manager. It wasn't until Urban Chic owner, Lindsay Buscher approached her about starting a line exclusive to Urban Chic which came about only a few weeks ago. Who couldn't pass up the unbelievable opportunity to do something they love?

A One on One with Catherine Koch:

Lyra Mag: What was the concept/inspiration behind KiKi Beach?
CK: The line is inspired by my grandmother, she loved her name and fashion. She was a huge inspiration to me; she always wore bold accessories with neutral colors. I love the look of pairing a statement piece with easy clothes for day, or to jazz up a LBD for evening. I use versatile colors, so women can wear their KB pieces everyday – to work or running around town - not just on special occasions.

Lyra Mag: Since I wasn't able to make it to the trunk show this evening at Urban Chic, can you describe the line to me?

CK: I use semi-precious stones like turquoise, rose quartz, jade, onyx, and jasper. I have unique clasps on the pieces and use Swarovski crystals for a little sparkle. I have bracelets; single, double, and triple strand necklaces. Also, I do special orders for earrings to match with the pieces. The stones are all sizes with smooth or faceted surfaces. The colors range from pale yellow and black, to bright green and pink.

Lyra Mag: What was the biggest and/or scariest risk you made when starting out?

CK: Probably the scariest risk I made when starting the line, is the chance that this fantastic opportunity that Lindsay and Chris gave me will not succeed and grow. They gave me the complete freedom and support to run with my dream for designing a jewelry line and thought of failure is terrifying. But so far, women have been responding to the pieces and I have been getting great feedback so far! It's very exciting! I'm so happy that customers understand my vision and are finding the perfect accessory for their style!

Lyra Mag: Who do you want to see wearing your jewelry?

CK: I really love seeing my friends and family wearing pieces – I know that I'm doing something right! I want all women to try out a piece and find one they love – add on a simple single strand – try layering a few
or go for a big double strand. Seeing pieces on customers is a dream come true for me.
Lyra Mag: Will we ever find Kiki Beach elsewhere or do you think it will continue to be exclusive to Urban Chic?

CK: In the future, if the demand is high, I'm sure you will see Kiki Beach carried in other stores. But for right now, you can find the line in all three Urban Chic locations: Bethesda, Georgetown, and Baltimore!

Lyra Mag: Do you find it difficult to balance starting your own line while managing Urban Chic?

CK: It has not been difficult balancing managing the Bethesda store and starting the line – I have enough down time each week to concentrate on creating pieces. When I go to purchase the stones, I know exactly what I want to design with each kind I find. I'm a planner; so it's easy for me when I sit down to make the pieces.

Price Points:

Fairly affordable: $50-$300.

End Note: Catherine is a multi-tasker, and makes it looks easy. She’s the manger to a popular boutique and is starting her own line. If you are in the Washington DC make it a point to stop by any of the Urban Chic Locations or visit them online at
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  1. This is a great collection. Do you know if it is still available? If so, I will be making a trip down. The interview was great -- seems like a great place!


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