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RADAR ALERT: The Whitley Kros spring 2009 Collection

When: October 2009, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Where: Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA - home of Los Angeles Fashion Week

“I went to Morocco…..with Allen Ginsberg in my satchel and Bob Dylan in my ears. Met Alessandro and embarked on a romantic adventure….Safari in Africa and sunsets in Greece.” – Whitley Kros

Whitley Kros is a fictional character many girls would love to be. Design duo - MARISSA RIBISIS, singer Beck's wife, and SOPHIA COLOMA collaborated to name the gypsy child. We were able to speak with the designers before the show began to find out exactly who Whitley Kros is.

CK: Who is Whitley Kros?

Sophia: We have this character, Whitley Kros we created. She is a character who travels the world. The concept is like she gets on a plane and she has a satchel and she has music in her ipod, and a book, the things she’s reading, and you know how when you travel overseas, like if you’re listening to something in Paris and its romantic so you might have a more romantic feel or hard rock if you’re listening to Nirvana – so it’s the same thing, she travels to places and gets inspired by that and then she gathers up pieces and then comes back and lands in LAX and her suitcase opens and that’s the collection.

CK: Does your work reflect your personal taste or style?

Marissa: Yeah, I don’t see how it couldn’t.

Sophia: I also think we travel a lot and that comes into it and the good thing is she and I both change, like we’ll be into this look once and next it’s the same – a little bit like us so it’s really fun so it gives us like a boundary to create with it.

Marissa: But one thing I know that we both love is we both love price and we both love color and that represents and I think that is what the line is representing.
Lyra Mag: Will we ever see you in New York at Bryant Park?
Marissa: Yes, we will go to New York.
As for the fashion industry – Sopia suggests that “you have to have a message and you can’t listen to everything and everyone, just stick to what you want to communicate and communicate that – some people are going to love it and some people not so much but that’s how you become a real designer. Stick to your message and keep getting that out there."

CK: Are there any trends we should keep on our radar?

Marissa: I think we have different ideas on trends and that’s one of the things I love about us too. I mean I always think we are ahead of the trends but also like I lost a bunch of weight after my kids and I love showing off my waist and right now Sophia is pregnant so trend is also how we feel and what we feel is coming.

Sophia: Right now I think it’s around a lot and we still love rompers. We love rompers!

Marissa: I think I’ve always worn rompers and I always will. It’s like a dress, it’s a one piece, its one outfit and you pay for only one thing.

After our interview backstage we sat in on the rehearsal where Kelly Cutrone told models to have fun, and make a statement at the end of the runway. As the crowd poured in, Bob Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man played in the background, a song Whitley Kros would have on her ipod. It was a full house with Selma Gomez and JoAnna Garcia (who plays Megan on The CW’S new show Privileged) sitting front row.

The collection of 43 looks made being fashionable look easy with mix and match pieces you could throw on and go. There were prints with stripes, colored leopard prints, tie dye pink jeans. Harem pants and jumpsuits are continuing trends along with a little lace and short shorts. The tangier print was our favorite, along with the Black Cameroon Jacket and Africa dress with the mustard duster knit which channeled the urban chic that’s in us all.

Among the very few accessories were bright blue combat boots that looked spray painted, long scarves in various prints and colors, cinch your waist belts and long necklaces. The makeup was very light and showcased the models' youthful beauty.

Whitley Kros is a girl worth getting to know.
Whitley Kros was chosen as the “Mercedes-Benz Presents” Designer for LA Fashion Week, Spring 2009.

To see more, visit . Marissa and Sophia designed the website themselves, it showcases great music, thanks to a little help from Beck.

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