Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recessionista Update

We have come to learn many ways to remain stylish during times of economic
hardship. Shopping now becomes a patriotic act as we all are trying to do
our part to help the economy.It is amazing how far we have come as we once were splurging at a high end vintage store and how we are now scurrying through our nanny’s attic for a vintage piece.

Mary Hall, author of The Recessionista Blog, advised us that a recessionista is
former fashionista on this new quest for fine items at an affordable cost”
a word that defines many of us. With the new president we are all hoping to say
good bye to recessionista and hello again to fashionista; in the meantime let’s
see how we can make it work. And with the spring season approaching quickly
we begin thinking we can never afford spring with its DVF silk dresses, strappy
Jimmy Choo’s, new Dior eye shades and Gucci sunglasses - it becomes
somewhat of an investment. But this year, we really can’t afford spring. It’s not
that we don’t have money in the bank, it’s that the banks don’t have money in
the bank; everyone is counting their pennies.

So, just because you're feeling the economic gloom and doom the rest of us fashionistas are feeling, that doesn't mean you still can't look like perfection this spring. You don’t
always need money - invest a little more creativity into your wardrobe; drop the
wallet and give your closet some deliberation and time.

MUST HAVE tips from a Recessionista

- Host a clothing swap: Invite as many people as you know – of all
shapes and sizes for an evening of cocktails and clothes. Have
everyone bring something they want to swap. Not only is this an
occasion for you to organize your closet but it a great opportunity to
score great clothes and accessories. One women’s trash is another
women’s treasure. In other words, one woman’s hammy downs are
another woman’s favorite pants.

-Think Project Runway: Work to improve what you have got in a
creative way. Get more mileage by tailoring blazers and switching
buttons, alter jean hems, mix and match your patterns and layer on
the accessories to pull new looks together.

- Learn to sew and make old clothes into new ones with a little
innovation. Stop by your local sewing store and sign up for classes,
some are even free!

- If you are shopping at a boutique and something is on sale, it may not
hurt to ask for even more of a discount. Most sale items end up at a
sample sale anyway. It never hurts to ask. Small business owners are
feeling the credit crunch too!

- Don’t forget about those unwanted gift cards! You can visit where you can swap your card for someone else’s
unwanted card and never let your gift card go to waste.

- If you can still shop on a budget we have found some of the coolest
stuff from flea markets, thrift stores, and eBay. Secondhand shopping
becomes more like a hobby; a hunt for the new trend can make a
fashion-forward ensemble. Just recently we scored some amazing
vintage necklaces and bangles on eBay for just a few bucks.

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  1. we all still need to look our best. thanks for the tips!


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