Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chatting with Kourt

Kourtney Kardashian is not just a reality TV star, she has dreams too. The sexy and funny fashionista sounds off on positive energy, fashion and why Miami is just...AMAZING!

We were more then thrilled to have a little chat on the phone today with the one and only, Ms. Kourtney Kardashian (she really doesn't even need an introduction).

Kourtney always wanted to be a fashion designer so her love for DASH and fashion comes naturally. In hopes to one day have a fashion line with her sisters (we see it in the future) the girls very different styles yet similar ideas would give us a line worth waiting a few seasons for.

With fans constantly giving their input on where a new DASH store should open (from New Jersey to South Africa) they were down to Miami and New York. So why DASH MIAMI? As you saw in last season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, both Kourtney and Khloe had recently broken up with their boyfriends (both living in NY) and didn't want the negative energy (can you blame them?) so they opted for the sexy beaches of Miami - we think it was a great choice and they seem to have had an amazing time - we will all have to watch and see!

Kourtney couldn't get enough of the beach view every morning & to be able to gaze out her large windows and look straight into the ocean - "It was really a great time - doing our own thing, newly single, new city, new store - It was a rush of energy." Kourtney seemed more than thrilled over her stay in Miami and can't wait to get back - we could almost feel her smile over the phone.

So if your in the Miami area, we asked Kourtney where we might go to eat - she suggested Prime.One.Twelve - She said we will "just die" over the macaroni and cheese, sweet mashed potatoes, and meatballs. We have taken her advice & already made a reservation.

So what's next for Kourtney.......
Another KUWTK season is in the talks but in the meantime the next mission is DASH LA -- Kourtney hasn't even looked at locations yet but is thinking Melrose but definitely a DASH LA is in the future - so get excited!

As we await the many new ventures (we are sure there will be plenty) from the Kardashian Dolls make sure you all tune in on August 16th @ 10pm to the super new summer season of
Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on the on and only E!. It definitely should have high priority on your TiVo.

But until August let's take a peak at some things we might not know about Kourtney.

25 Random Things About Kourtney Kardashian

1. Favorite tv show is Lost.
2. Favorite color is pink & black.
3. Favorite candy is milk duds and sugar babies.
4. Coffee or Soda? Neither, green tea.
5. She idolizes Kate Moss.
6. Her favorite designer is Karl Lagerfeld.
7. She has a fear of spiders.
8. Wearing trends that don't suit your body are the biggest fashion faux-paus.
9. Pet peeve? Being late & listening to people chew food!
10. Secret obsession? The mall! Forever XXI, Zara, H&M
11. Favorite food? Mexican and Armenian
12. Like is her most overused word.
13. Pilates vs. Yoga? Neither, running outside with music!
14. Kourtney can't leave the house without her CELL PHONE!
15. Kourtney describes her style as eclectic - one day boho chic, one day rock n roll, one day hippie, one day prepster
16. Cocktail? Margarita on the rocks with salt
17. Sunday is her favorite day of the week because it's okay to be lazy and relax.
18. Christmas is her favorite holiday.
19. Favorite snack at the movies? Soft pretzels dipped in nacho cheese, sour patch kids and a Diet Coke.
20. Favorite piece of clothing? Vintage Chanel blazer
21. Michael Jackson in the eighties as the best concert she has ever been too.
22. Her bedroom is her favorite room in her house.
23. Favorite quote? "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work." - Michael Jackson
24. She can't live without her Christian Louboutin shoes.
25. Mexico on the beach is her favorite place to be.

Next week we will be taking a look at DASH MIAMI so check back & we will tell you all about it!

For now - in the words of Kourtney - BYE DOLLS


  1. This was a great interview and a great feature. I can't wait to watch the show and see the DASH store. I really learned alot about Kourtney - it is nice to see that celebs are down to earth too. I will def be watching the show!

  2. She seems so down to earth! I wish we could see her in MIA, I love that she loves Margs on the rocks, those are my fav too. :)

    AND our reservation is made, thanks KOURT!

    Great job, Casi. :)

  3. Great insight to Kourtney! I have watched the Kardashians ever since they started their reality show. It was great to get to know Kourtney more. I think she doesn't get the credit she deserves. This interview shows she has so much going for her! She is a very impressive spirit! I for one would love to see a DASH in every state!

  4. I have to be honest. I never really thought of the Kardashian girls as being anything but pretty faces. I am glad I ran into your interview. It made me aware how intelligent and goal oriented Kourtney is. It goes to show you should percieve someone until you meet them. I am go glad she is so down to earth and real. I don't care what anyone says, in the future I will defend Kourtney til the end when approached with negativity. I have been won over. I want to see where the future takes this girl and I want to go shopping at DASH! I wish them all the success in the world!!!!!

  5. I was told by a friend that they ran into this interview with Kourtney and that I had to read it! Not many interviews get the feel like this one did. It seems as though you and Kourtney could have been to greta friends just catching up. I can tell it was laid back and not intimidating. I think it's great showing the success of DASH and what Kourntey hopes for in her future. She is a real person and has dreams and goals like all of us. She gives me hope and keeps me thinking that if I continue to work hard I will be successful as well. She is a great role model to young girls everywhere.

    I travel alot and will be in Miami in a couple months and I am definately heading to DASH. I look forward to seeing the store. Iam also VERY exceited to hear there could be a DASH line of clothing in the future! Can't wait for any of it!

    Does DASH offer online shopping? It would make it easy for those not close to a store to shop with them. I know I would love to!

  6. One of my favorite parts of this interview was the 25 random things. It was great to see that Kourtney is like all of us. It's nice to see celebrities well centered.

    I don't live anywhere near a DASH. I am not close to California and I am not by any means close to Florida. I live in Ohio. The more I hear about DASH the more I want to check out what they have and shop.

    I have to also admit that when an owner of a high end boutique is presented in this manner it makes it more appealing to go there. I have always been intimidated by boutiques, especially when they are owned or supported by celebrities. I am always affraid of how I will be treated. DASH seems like it is one of those who are there for the customer and what them to keep coming back.

    Bring a DASH to OHIO!!!!!!

  7. I don't get hooked to reality shows but Keeping up with the Kardashiansis the exception!! I looked forward to each and every show! All of the girls were so entertaining to watch and I loved seeing all that went on behind the scenes of DASH. I love the interview, Casi! GREAT WORK :)

  8. Very cool interview - can't wait to see the show!!! I thought the girls were just pretty faces and now I see there is so much more to them! Keep up the great work;0)


  9. Great interview questions! It's really good to learn more about her! She is so pretty and fun to watch, it's nice to see the more personal side of their personalities. I can't wait for their fashion line... those girls are so fun to watch! and DASH is great too! Thanks!

  10. Wow, great job with the interview on the Kourtney Kardashian. I like your style, it's so friendly, down to earth and real. Keep those interview's coming!

  11. I love KOURTNEY!!!!!!


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