Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project Runway Season Details Revelaed, FINALLY

At press we have 38 days, 1 hour & 44 minutes

until the long awaited Season 6 premieres on it's new home! Let the countdown begin.

Text, Dwayne Knight
Edited by Casi Densmore-Koon
Images courtesy of Lifetime

It has finally come to us! The season of Project Runway we were all afraid was going to be lost forever. The season starts off on Lifetime TV, Thursday August 20th and we will finally be able to get our weekly fix of the drama,creativity, and fashion ( let's not forget the personalities we fall in love with too).

The show may have moved to a new channel, but the judges who have taken us through every season return. We will once again see the sexy and funny Heidi Klum, innovative designer Michael Kors, not so soft spoken Nina Garcia, and lovable mentor Tim Gunn.

Lifetime has revealed the new season of contestants along with video clip which include a bit of their audition. We here at Cupcake Mag viewed each of the designer’s bios and clips and we must say they all seem very talented and interesting. We think this season will be exciting and will not lack spectacular fashion or some great outbursts of drama. The competition is filled with a wide range of ages (youngest being 24 and oldest being 50), ethnic backgrounds (examples are Russia, Republic of Georgia, and Yugoslavia), personalities, and experience (formal training to self taught).

Here are the names you need to know:

Althea Harper

Ari Fish

Carol Hannah Whitfield

Christopher Straub

Rodney Epperson

Gordana Gehlhausen

Irina Shabayeva

Johnny Sakalis

Logan Neitzel

Louise Black

Malvin Vien

Mitchell Hall

Nicolas Putvinski

Qristyl Frazier

Ra’mon Lawrence Coleman

Shirin Askari

You can view the designers and more details about the show at

We can't wait to watch them "make it work".

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  1. I am so glad you guys posted this! I have been wondering when we were finally going to get to have PR back! Thanks for the details! My TiVo will be set for August 20th for sure! I am really excited for this season. It sounds like we won't be disappointed!


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