Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cupcake Mag Q & A Session with Esther Nash

Esther Nash fell in love with fashion at the age of 5,
on her first day of school, dressing in a different theme daily.
It has very much continued to the present -
a reason to just LOVE ESTHER and her rock star glam style.

Cupcake Mag: What made you decide to design your own line?

Esther Nash: I design for the petite athletic build as they are beautiful but for the most part neglected in the fashion industry. Designers use 6 feet as their measurements for women designs and realistically this is not Sweden. This is America and we are a land of many people with different measurements. I have always been independent and a trendsetter. I always liked being the leader in the game follow the leader at school. So it just followed naturally.

CM: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

EN: Follow your dream and turn a deaf ear and a blind eye on people who laugh at you!! Remember they are just jealous and without any talent or education.

CM: What's up next for you?

I am waiting for my invitation to the White House. I would like to design for the whole family. In the nearer future my next show will be in September 2009 at St. Charles Fashion Week and most likely BK Fashion Week in October 2009.

sketches by Esther = pure art

CM: When do you feel most inspired to work?

EN: Usually when I am relaxed the inspiration occurs. Many times I will be sipping tea with milk at downtown Ciprianni or speaking with Roman at Kiss and Fly or walking into Pink Elephant or sunbathing in my bikini on the rooftop pool at Gansevoort while flirting with Timothy or greeting my friends and family at Tenjune or listening to my publicist and in house counsel Shelly's ongoing commentary about current events, the latest house music and pop songs, her fan club of admirers as well as unknown passersby applying to be on her dance card.

CM: Who do you design for?

EN: I design for the petite athletic build as they are beautiful but for the most part neglected in the fashion industry. Designers use 6 feet as their measurements for women's designs and realistically this is not Sweden. This is America and we are a land of many people with different measurements.

CM:Who's your ideal customer or celeb client?

EN: Socialites and anyone that wishes to look like a celebrity. I would love to have an unlimited budget to dress Mayor Bloomberg, his daughter and all the nightlife impresarios of NYC. Design the looks for all the best places Tenjune, Cipriani, Kiss and Fly, Pink Elephant, Bagatelle, Mynt-Miami, Liv-Miami, Set-Miami,

CM: How did it feel to see your designs (sequin hats, jean shawls, some of the sequin dresses) being used on a show so huge as Sex and the City?

EN:It felt great to see my hard work was well received.

CM: If you weren't in the fashion industry, what would you be doing?

EN: Astronaut, Retired Gold medalist (gymnastics/uneven bars), race car driver, tight rope walker, circus performer, Fire woman, Police Chief, an Art teacher at a Public High School to inspire our NYC youth, Air force Pilot, FBI/CIA Secret Agent, Brain Surgeon (I am ambidextrous), Litigator, Professional Boxer, Cosmetologist, Owner of a Hair Salon/boutique/or Massage Parlor, Licensed General Contractor/Plumber, Electrician, Dolphin Trainer, Dog groomer, NFL Champion football player, Professional Cheerleader, Baller, Rock Star, Certified Aerobics Instructor or an auto body shop owner ( you only live once, its important to have a good time and enjoy your work)

CM: What do you think are essentials to every fashionista wardrobe?

EN: A few classic pieces and then mix them with everything over the top.

CM: How far in advance do you work on your collections?

EN: It's a constant process

Lastly, we couldn't let her finish the interview without giving us her input on the upcoming fall season - we were just dying to know what we can't live without and what we should really let go, as soon as possible!

- headbands
- embellished belts
- flat party shoes
- neon colors
- pimped out walking sticks

- flannel shirts
- straight hair
- straight teeth (save money on dentistry - go natural)
- false eyelashes
- small jewelry


Esther Nash, a New York based fashion designer, model, socialite & fashion expert, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. The fashion world's former prodigy is all grown up. At the age of 18, Esther owned and operated her first retail store. At the age of 19, opened a second store, and at the age of 20, opened a third store. By the age of 21, Esther was having her own runway shows, thereby reaching the rank of a young professional designer.

Esther is a 3rd generation New Yorker and a graduate of the most prestigious, accredited Art and Fashion school of New York City coupled with a good family background.

Ms. Nash's fashions have been featured on the long running hit HBO series Sex and the City, and her last runway show (she has had over 2 dozen) was notably attended by Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour.

In this industry, it is the entire package that makes someone marketable. Personality plays a huge part and Esther Nash exudes character, creativity, professionalism and a positive attitude.

Esther Nash has recently signed with a top 10 modeling agency as a celebrity artist. She is making regular TV appearances as a fashion expert and commentator.

Esther's next goal is to acquire a position as a fashion host of her own TV/cable show. Keep your ears and eyes open as you will be seeing a lot more of Esther Nash!

If you just can't get enough please visit
The bio above was taken from the website.


  1. In LOVE with Esther Nash! Not only with her as a person but as a major talent! She has it all. I am very excited to see her upcoming collections. She is an ispiration to girls everywhere (some biys too!).

    I will be following her for sure!

  2. OMG! I was very unaware of Esther! Thank you so much for introducing me to such an amazing person! I am wanting more!

  3. My sister told me I had to check out this site and read this article in particular. I happy I did! Esther is an inspiration! As a design student I can really relate with her. I hope for only great things to happen for her. I will be following her work from here on out!

    Esther you ROCK!

  4. Esther Nash is a name I will never forget. Nor will I ever forget her. I will be a life long fan! She has accomplished so much and has so much to offer. Great personality and amazing designer. I checkedout her website and I have an obsession named Esther!

  5. I have to admit I never heard of Esther Nash before now and feel like I have comepletely been missing out! I am so impressed with her and her abilities. Lyrics from the theme song from Jem and the Holograms comes to mind. Esther is truely outrageous, truely, truely outrageous!

    Thanks for bring her to my attention and making me feel complete!

  6. Esther is a GEM! I see nothing but success in her future. I envy her!

  7. I have to hand it to Esther she is briliant! I found myself wanting to learn more about her and this article peaked my interest so much that I was up until 3am last night looking her up online. I only regret I didn't know of her sooner! I will definatley be wathcing for more form her!


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