Friday, October 30, 2009

DIVADO: Get The 'DO Without The Damage

With the holiday season just around the corner we need to all start thinking about the many parties and events we have to look good for & what girl doesn't want to hit the streets with a little volume in her hair? We know we can't survive without or else it is a beyond bad hair day. So, what is a glamour-ista to do? The solution is the DivaDo.

DivaDo launched the extremely cost effective, do it yourself retro chic hair inserts - and no, they aren't anything like the bump-it infomercials filling the late night television. We were sent The Audrey in neutral and it was tried and tested many times. The first thing we noticed was how stable it is; you don't need to worry about fixing it a million times throughout the day. With its secure fit, sturdy construction and weather resiliency, DivaDo provides countless hours of beautiful hair. And for those eco-chic ladies it is manufactured and packaged in the USA, made of natural looking surgical-grade silicon and is BPA-free and hypo-allergenic which is always a plus.

The DivaDo offers an effortless and comfortable application and removal. It is perfect for your own red carpet moment because who does love to rock the "bump" style we have seen on all of our favorite stars. Featured in two styles, The Audrey creates a classic sophisticated hairdo while The Brigitte adds a little more va-va-voom to your look if you want to play up your alter ego rocker chic style.

“As a Southern woman, I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, galas, and cocktail events, and I’m painfully familiar with the time, effort, and money it takes to get the perfect glam do for those occasions. Not to mention the pain and stress it creates when undoing that perfect do! So, I created the DivaDo to help women everywhere have the perfect do without the damage,” said DivaDo Founder, Brandie Park.

The DivaDo Story

One New Year’s Eve a few years ago, DivaDo founder, Brandie Park, was in Chicago with several friends preparing to ring in the New Year. It was a typical winter night in Chicago with a mix of snow and rain coming down. One of her girlfriends had a really cute hairstyle with a front hair tease sprayed to perfection. Another friend wanted the same look, but when they started adding hairspray, gel, and a rat-tail comb to her formerly straight hair she protested that the end result was not worth the torture. It was then that Brandie decided every woman should be able to get that “diva” look without the salon price or the pain of teasing. Brandie’s come a long way from the original model she fashioned out of a bra insert, small comb, and some thread!

“It is my sincere desire that this product give women the look they want without taking the time of teasing and applying a dozen products.” “We are all busy women.” “The last thing we need to do is spend an extra half-hour styling our hair!” Founder, Brandie Park


Both The Audrey and The Brigitte DivaDo are available in brown, black or natural. Products are priced affordably with recommended retail for The Audrey at $25 and The Brigitte at $30. DivaDo is available at fine, independent beauty boutiques nationwide as well as at For more information visit or call toll free 1.888.8DIVADO.

You know we are all about spending money but we like to save too! DivaDo has offered CUPCAKE MAG readers an exclusive discount code. Use code cc20 and receive 20% off any order from They make great gifts too!


  1. This is SO much better than BUMP ITS!
    Like you said, it is so easy! I have the Audrey but I am buying The Brigitte. They are such a good price and feel so great in your hair. I couldn't do my hair without them. Thanks for sharing and once again Cupcake is dead on with the review. Great product!

  2. I bought three! One for me and 2 for gifts! Can't wait to use them!!!!!


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