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Alison Sweeney is Super Mom!

Alison Sweeney is busy juggling the roles of host for NBC’s hit reality series “The Biggest Loser” and the award-winning Sami Brady on NBC’s hit daytime drama “Days of our Lives” with her roles as a producer, author, wife and mother. Now, she can add accomplished author once again with her new book The Mommy Diet. The book reveals the “diet” of nutrition, fitness and self-care that women can follow to look and feel fantastic – before and during pregnancy, and after giving birth.  

When not working, Sweeney serves on the Executive Council of Feeding America and as an Ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Dave, a California Highway Patrol officer, and their 5-year-old son Ben and 1-year-old daughter Megan. She is one multi-tasking momma and we adore her for it! Check out our one on one chat with Alison and learn all about her own fitness regimen, her favorite healthy snack and more! 

CM: You just released The Mommy Diet. What inspired you to write this book and what can readers expect?

It's so excited to know that after all that planning, The Mommy Diet is finally being released! I can't wait to get feedback from all those moms out there, looking for a little inspiration.  I wanted to share all the good advice and tips that I collected during my pregancies about how to stay healthy and on track during pregancy, and how to get fit after having a baby.  Even if your 'baby' is in college, it's still a very useful guide.

CM: Tell us about your fitness regimen.

I work out 'every day I can'.  Since my schedule is so unpredictable I have to be okay with an unregimented regimen in the gym.  So my deal with myself is that every day I have the free time, I HAVE to go to the gym, no excuses.
CM: Do you have a favorite healthy snack?  

Grapefruit with mint and apple slices.  It's like a mini fruit salad. Really delish and refreshing.

CM: With the holidays passed and all the good home cooking we do - what do you suggest for those trying to watch their figure?

It's actually one of the tips in The Mommy Diet - to eat something healthy before you go to a party so you're 'full' with good calories.  If you try to 'save your calories' for the sweets, you'll end up eating twice as much because you are hungry and the sugary stuff is not filling at all!

CM: Many of us know you first as Sami from Days of our Lives. How has it been over the years playing that character? 

I love playing Sami.  Even after all these years she is still fun for me.  It's still challenging and exciting for me every day at Days.

CM: What has been your favorite episode of The Biggest Loser so far? 

One of my all time favorite episodes was last season (BL10) at Camp Pendleton.  I really enjoyed being there, meeting all those amazing marines.  It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

CM: You have 2 young children and managing to have so many things going on. How do you balance work and family? What tips do you have for other moms doing it all? 

It's tough to find the time to fit it all in.  I just try to balance out my schedule not every day, but at the end of the week... There has to be accountability, but it just isn't possible to make it happen every day. On Sundays, I try to really review my week and figure out what I need to adjust.  It's an ever-changing process.

CM: Do you have a New Years Resolution?

Well, I try to focus on not resolutions but 'goals' for the new year.  Somehow a 'resolution' seems like something you're bound to break, and then once you have, you give up entirely.  Like a diet.  But if I just set the goal of working out more, or finding more time for myself, I'm more likely to keep it up, even if I feel it's not working 100%.

1. I speak Spanish.
2. I knit.
3. I am totally a party planner at heart.
4. I rarely do one thing at a time. If I'm watching tv, I also have my script in hand, or if I'm eating breakfast, I'm writing my blog at the same time... I wish i could claim it's just 'mutli-tasking' but really, it's just that I am so used to being busy, that I can hardly sit still for a second, i always have to be occupied.
5. I am NOT a neat freak. ;)
6. I am really annoyed by bad/oblivious drivers.
7. I make great margaritas. (but not very often)
8. My favorite food is avocado.  Seriously, I could put it in anything, or eat it alone.  Always delicious.
9. I don't drink juice (just not worth the calories).
10. I wear Michael Kors perfume.  It's my favorite.

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