Monday, January 3, 2011

Editors' Note: Hello 2011

Happy New Year to all my FABulous cupcakes! 

As we set into the New Year we are thrilled about so many things! In the next few months we will be working with the fab Zee Studios. We will no longer be a blog - we have wayyy tooo many things to talk about and will now be a full site. All the same great content with an even better, beyond major make-over! We can't wait to debut it! cupcakeMAG and cupcakeMAG for Littles will all be in the same place. It is a HUGE transition for cupakeMAG but we have grown beyond a blog and need a better place to show-off our FABulous photo shoots, features, celeb interviews, and all the great stuff we have to talk about. It is going to be a great year! 

Here are some of the stand outs this month for what you have to look forward to in January: 
  • Our exclusive interviews with Kate Landers, Kim of The TomKat Studio, Kelly from WH Hostess and Bridgett of Perideau Designs along with featured blogs that we just LOVE. 
  • Celeb interviews for the month include Melania Trump, Ramona Singer, Kourtney Kardashian, and more! 
  • A handful of new Etsy shops we just can't live without! We have some great designers to show off!
  • We are working on an amazing event all month long! We will be showing off a FABulous and exciting birthday post for my daughter, Kennadi Audrey Monroe's 1st birthday in February. We are working a TON of FAB ladies from invitations by WH Hostess to desserts, decorations and more! We can't wait to show off all the FAB shops and Etsy designers who are making this photo shoot and feature just perfect! Stay tuned. Promise, it will be beyond amazing! 
  • And as always, all of our great reviews, up-to-date fashion finds, weekly beauty faves and more!
As you can see - we are pretty busy here at cupcakeMAG and we can't wait to venture into a new year with all of you! So, tell us, what do you want to see on cupcakeMAG? What are we missing? What do you want more of? Who do you want us to chat with? Let us know! We would love to hear from YOU! Our readers are the reason we work so hard everyday so please, tell us what we are missing! 

Now - onto New Years Resolutions! Did you make one? I try not to as I don't want to let myself down. Instead, I make of list of thinks I want to accomplish before the next year. Yes, very similar to a resolution but instead a list of goals to make happen. This way I don't feel so much pressure. So tell us, What is your New Years Resolution and how do you MAKE IT HAPPEN? That is what this year is all about! Follow your heart, make it happen and live your life! This is the year to get it done. Don't forget to sit back and smell the roses sometimes too! 

Cheers to a New Year! 

PS - My New Years wish is for all of our FABulous readers to please leave us comments under our posts! Let us know what you love, what you don't and anything else you are thinking! Give us a reason to write! One comment goes a long way. Don't just comment on giveaways, show us LOVE everyday! Lots of love my friends this New Year! 


  1. Your list for January sounds amazing! I can't wait.

    I made goals for the new year instead of resolutions. I want to grow my skills, grow my creativity, grow my blog... and make a start at growing a business.

  2. Thanks Terri for your comment! You rock! And THANK YOU! Your goals sounds great! I wish you the best this year and hope for success in meeting your goals!


  3. SO excited to see everything that is coming up!

  4. I'm so excited about all the amazing changes coming for cupcakeMAG!
    My goal for Sandy's in 2011 - to spread the word about my cookies by working with the super-fabulous! So far it's lookin' pretty good!

  5. Can't wait for the new adventure that is Cupcake Mag!!! Best wishes on all of the fabulousness and much success and happiness in 2011! xoxo

  6. Thank you all so much for the comments! Sandy & Eisley Rae -- we are just as excited to be working with you!

  7. I read every post each of you write! And I'm loving getting to "know" you on facebook! My New Year's goals (no resolutions for me either) are to hone my skills and transition from being a SAHM to a WAHM. Best wishes to you all in 2011!


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