Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who's HAIR do you LOVE?

Do you ever rip a picture out of a magazine when you see an amazing celeb hairstyle? Or save a picture on your computer to bring it to your stylist at your next appointment? I find myself doing this ALL THE TIME for outfits, bags, but a lot of time is hair styles, cut, and colors. Celebs always have phenomenal looking locks and my stylist knows exactly who I want to look like hair-wise when I go to the salon. 

Here are my all time favorites....

{Lauren Conrad} Every ounce of her style is amazing, and her hair always looks impeccable. That long wavy beachy look is my absolute favorite.  

{Jennifer Aniston} Do I say more? She is perfection.  

{Katy Perry}This girl is flawless. And I have been loving her simple classic dark curls lately!  

{Jennifer Love Hewitt} In my opinion, some of the best flowing locks in Hollywood.  

{Tori Spelling} Love her hair long or short, but she really rocks the inverted bob! 

{Carrie Underwood} Just a blonde beauty! 

{Jillian Harris} Love her soft and wavy look. I have brought a picture of her to my stylist before and although my hair is not nearly as thick as her I was hoping she could replicate something!  

There are a bunch of bloggers who just have the best hair ever! {Chloe Conspiracy} always looks fab, {Just Dandy} has her poof down! And {Pretty in Pink Megan} is trying out the ombre look and is totally rockin it!  

Real or fake, stylists or not these ladies know how to rock their hair! They always look very polished, put together, and flat out amazing, even in paparazzi pictures that catch them at their worst.  

Tell us: Who is your hair idol? 


  1. I love Jillian's Hair - always so cute and polished!

  2. I love Carrie's and Jillian's hair. I wish I could get my hair in those loose wavy curls!


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