Monday, September 5, 2011

Editors Note: Thanks to Marshalls, I'm attending the Lucky Magazine FABB

Do you know when you open your inbox and get one of those emails? One of those emails that make you jump up and down with excitment? Well, it happened to me last week! It went a little something like this:

Good news – we just scored an extra ticket to the Lucky Fashion and Beauty Bloggers conference! Would you be interested in attending on behalf of our client, Marshalls?

We want to give one blogger the opportunity to spend an amazing few days in New York City at the Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference on September 7, 2011.  

At the Lucky FABB conference, you’ll learn about everything new and exciting in the industry alongside like-minded experts, bloggers, designers (Diane von Furstenberg will be a panelist spoke at the September conference) and the fabulous editors from Lucky Magazine.
Umm, Yes! Sign me up now please. What an opputunity! Especially when it is a private event! Marshall's even sent me gift cards to get the perfect outfit for my big day in NYC (which I will be sharing with you later this week) and I am just thrilled they choose me!
Head over now to Lucky Magazine to get all the details on the event along with the FABB speakers. 
Make sure you follow me on twitter @cupcakemag where I will be tweeting while in NYC. 
Check back here this week to where I will bring you all the details!

BIG thanks to Marshalls and Lucky Magazine! 
cupcakeMAG LOVES you! 

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  1. So lucky! Have a blast Casi honey! Have a great night doll. Hope you can enter my giveaway!

    Kori xoxo


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