Monday, September 19, 2011

Backstage at NYFW: Venexiana Show!

Remember my article about the Venexiana show? Well, I had the opportunity to go backstage and get all the scoop on everything before the show! Here is your official backstage pass to all the behind the scenes fun!

Hair and Makeup!

Tons of photogs capturing the BECCA makeup artists at work!

Getting dolled up in BECCA Cosmetics!

Confessions of a NYFW Model: This gal above, said the Venexiana show was her 3rd of the day. At her first show, they put a lot of gel in her hair, for her 2nd show, she needed pin straight hair, so all the gel was fried out via straightening iron! She said she couldn't watch as her hair sizzled! Luckily for this show, it just went up, but she said it took over an hour to get this lovely look! We asked how she cares for her hair after fashion week is over, and she said she sleeps in conditioner over night to try to reverse all the damage! Phew! (I learned that male models have it way easier- no heels and no hair drama!)

Hair in progress...

And here's what the finished product looked like!

And here's the makeup guide all the BECCA Cosmetics gals used! I absolutely LOVED their makeup!

And here's a pic my friend snapped of me interviewing Venexiana designer, Kati Stern!

You can read my full interview with her {here}.

Here's Kati on the runway after the show! The crowd loved her!

Soo exciting! Thank you to the Venexiana team for letting me come backstage and play!

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