Thursday, October 13, 2011

Editors Pick -- Pop of Chic!

Since the moment I laid eyes on this bracelet {via Facebook} I completely fell in love. 
I know! Is that possible? I mean, it's a bracelet. 
But yes, I just can't get enough of the {Denisse} bracelet in coral. 
Now, don't get me wrong -- I love all the colors but the coral was the perfect Summer to Fall accessory!

Reason #1: 
The similar style sells on QVC for $137. Yes, almost $140! 
Pop of Chic brings it to us for only $25. 

Reason #2: 
I just love it. Oh, the sparkle! 

Reason #3:
It goes from season to season! Stack em' up or wear it alone. A bangle is a classic accessory. 

Reason #4: 
I just love it. Did I mention that already?

My suggestion? Head over to Pop of Chic on Facebook. 
We can promise, you will soon be addicted to their jewels. Oh, and the prices! 

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