Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year: New Hair-Do

A few weeks ago we were able to try out one of the hottest trends around the globe – hair extensions! And who can do it better then Ken Paves.

Celebrity stylist Ken Paves recently debuted his hairdo Clip-In Extensions (created with long time friend and client Jessica Simpson) on QVC in the UK. As you know, they have been popular in the US for quite some time now. In less than three hours, Paves sold almost 20,000 extensions -- his on-air appearance was even cut short because the extensions sold out completely!

Some of the styles showcased included: the new Clip-In Bangs ($26.50), Wrap-Around Pony (which WE just LOVE for only $44), and the Long and Lush Wig (that we can’t stop wearing, $99), as well as hairdo's ever popular 19-inch Layered Straight, 22-inch Relaxed, and 23-inch.

Here are some of Ken's tricks and tips for the season to help you get started:

* Bangs are a fresh and easy way to update your look this season. Instead of blunt bangs of the past, opt for a glamorous yet undone look with Hairdo's Clip-In Bangs.

* A ponytail is a girl's best friend! Stars on the red carpet are updating their ponies this season by braiding them and wearing them super long. Get added length to your pony with the Hairdo Wrap-Around Pony.

* Long hair is always in style - it's the ultimate glamorous look! This season, add bounce to long hair with big waves and curls. Use hairdo's 22-inch Relaxed Curl or 23-inch Wavy Clip-In Extensions to create even more all-around volume.

* Straight hair has made a comeback - its clean, modern lines are super flattering on most face shapes - it makes a women seem strong, focused and confident, yet polished and feminine. Try hairdo's 19-inch Layered Straight Clip-In Extensions to accentuate your super straight strands.

Jump on the trend now – head over to to get your hands on Ken’s coveted extensions and check out the videos to see just how easy it is to have beautiful locks. You will never want to take them out as they are easy to take care and just like real hair. No one will EVER know the difference. We promise.

{Images: QVC.COM}

Disclaimer: This product is Cupcake Mag tested and fashionista approved. We do not get paid to review products. Just like all the products we feature, this is just our opinion (and review) on the brilliant products mentioned above.

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