Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Skinnygirl Dish with Bethenny Frankel -- plus we are also giving away her MUST-READ!

Just last week, January 5th to be exact, one of our favorite housewives of New York City and natural food chef, Bethenny Frankel, graced us with her second book - The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes For Your Naturally Thin Life. We were lucky enough to have a quick chat to catch-up and get the dish.
Cupcake Mag: When did you first become interested in cooking?
Bethenny: I became interested in cooking when I was a very young girl. I would watch cooking shows endlessly but never watch cartoons. My very first purchase ever was a jar of maraschino cherries for a recipe, and I begged my mother to let me go to the store to buy them.

You have fed some of our favorite stars who continue to rave about you. What was your first break as a celebrity chef and who would you LOVE to cook for?
Bethenny: I don't love focusing on celebrities because everyone is a VIP, but cooking for Denis Leary was my favorite gig. He is the most real, nice, down to earth person who gave me free reign of the freezer box.
CM: We love how you don't starve yourself when it comes to being "Naturally Thin" and you don't make food your enemy - you have a great knack for making healthy food delicious. Do you have one all-time favorite recipe you enjoy cooking?
Bethenny: I love my crab cakes and old school Caesar salad
CM:Managing weight and eating during pregnancy can be a serious challenge but you seem to be doing a FAB job as you look great and glowing. We follow all your food tweets on twitter and seem to be craving the same! How has pregnancy changed the way you eat?
Bethenny: Your diet is a bank account and I just spend more freely. By no means is it license to be a full fledged animal. I think most people are always restricting themselves so they make pregnancy one long binge which is something to deal with later. I don't skip meals, I eat what I crave, but when possible I check myself when I wreck myself and have dessert only once a day.
CM: What are a few things some people may not know about you?
Bethenny: I'm very frugal, I rarely if ever, pay retail, I live on eBay and if i'm not dressed up for an event, I'm in pajamas. I hate getting dressed up and 90 percent of the time I'm a slob.
CM: And lastly, as big fans of Bravo's hit show, what do you enjoy the most about being part of The Real Housewives of New York City?
Bethenny: I enjoy the opportunities it has provided me and I really love the fans who have come to know me, who I've come to know and who have inspired me.
As for the upcoming season? It will be a season to remember that can't be topped.
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Bethenny doesn’t just have a knack for style on the hit Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York; she is known for making healthy food taste delicious. With cooking starting out as a hobby, the celebrity natural food chef, creator of the phenomenal Skinnygirl Margarita, and The New York Times bestselling author of Naturally Thin has given us her second book in her no holds barred style. As for Bethenny's personal life – she lives In Manhattan with her dog cookie and will be marrying her other love, Jason, this spring. They will welcome their first child in early summer.
Click here to read more about her new book and check out THE Skinnygirl CHEF’S TEN ESSENTIAL KITCHEN RULES and how you can WIN your very own copy of the MUST READ!


  1. I can't believe she is pregnant! She looks so great - always has a healthy glow.

  2. Someone missed this on twitter (that is how I stay updated) - wouldn't think she was frugal - you learn something everyday. And she does always have a great glow! I enjoyed reading and getting to know more about her - can't wait for the season to start!

  3. Bethany is my favorite Housewife! It was great to have a look at Bethany in ways we didn't know! I love her more now! Can't wait for the next season and more from her!

  4. She is awesome. That dress is awesome too.

  5. ahhhh LOVE HER!!! Can't wait for the new season. Great interview!


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