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Bethenny Frankel --- THE Skinnygirl CHEF’S TEN ESSENTIAL KITCHEN RULES (PLUS we are giving away 2 of copies of her NEW book!)

THE SKINNYGIRL DISH: Easy Recipes For Your Naturally Thin Life is the next step on the Skinnygirl journey and helps you get in touch with your inner chef while putting an end to the anxiety about what and how to eat.

With her nonstop Skinnygirl lifestyle, Bethenny empathizes with people who don’t have the time, patience or energy to cook. In THE SKINNYGIRL DISH, Bethenny walks readers through her kitchen, her cooking philosophy, the way she prepares for special occasions, or for a simple every day snack or meal. Throughout “the dish”, she inspires readers to use what they have, substitute empty calories for healthier ingredients, and create an endless array of simple, delicious, and creative dishes in their own kitchens, rather than limit themselves to someone else’s recipe. This is cooking the Skinnygirl way!

THE SKINNYGIRL DISH is divided into three parts:

  • Part one teaches readers how to feel more confident with their cooking, how to stock their kitchen, how to cook by using what they have, and how to think like a chef. Bethenny also shares common cooking mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Part two contains recipes, amusing stories, tips for meals, snacks and drinks, and suggestions for how readers can tailor the recipes to their own needs and desires.
  • Part three features chapters on Skinnygirl-style entertaining for special occasions and holidays. She also includes tips for personalizing recipes contributed by Chef Bobby Flay and stars from Top Chef.


From The Skinnygirl Dish by Bethenny Frankel

Rule #1 - Don’t Be a Hero

When convenient, use nonstick cookware instead of stainless steel. Use a quality broth instead of homemade stock. Buy pizza dough from your favorite local pizza joint.

Don’t be afraid to save time when it won’t significantly affect the outcome.

Rule #2 – Use What You Have

Substitute leeks or shallots for onions or scallions, dried herbs for fresh, basil for oregano, walnuts for onions, broccoli for zucchini, chicken for fish, etc.

Rule #3 – Something’s Got to Give

Taste should be your first priority, but being healthy can be delicious. Vegetables sautéed or roasted in oil taste richer. Bread is delicious with a bit of butter or olive oil.

Rule #4 – Embrace the “It Ain’t Worth It” Moment

Don’t torture yourself about every detail of a recipe. Step back and realize when it just isn’t worth the aggravation. You won’t want to cook if you don’t enjoy cooking.

Rule #5 – Taste As You Go

Good cooks always taste their food as they cook it. Amateur cooks simply follow a recipe, mix it all up and pray for the best.

Rule #6 – Mise en Place – the French Cooking Term You Should Know

“Put in place.” Pre-measure and put all ingredients into small ramekins or glass bowls. Line them up in the order you need them.

Take out all the tools you’ll need before you begin cooking.

Rule #7 – Memorize a Few Basics

Memorize a few key basics, like how many tablespoons are in a cup or whether you can bake muffins without using eggs. That way you won’t keep running to the Internet.

Rule #8 – Presentation is Everything

Garnish your dishes with brightly colored raw vegetables or herbs.

Contrast colors in your salads, and between main and side dishes.

Put fresh flowers on the table and light candles.

Rule #9 – Utilize the Leftovers

Use recyclable containers, label, and arrange leftovers into meal-sized portions. Be creative with recipes and substitute ingredients with what needs to be used.

Rule #10 – Minimize Clean-Up

Bribe friends and family with their favorite food. Bribery is perfectly acceptable if used for good, not evil – and cleaning your kitchen is always good.

In Naturally Thin Bethenny taught readers, “Your diet is your bank account.” In THE SKINNYGIRL DISH, she says, “Food is like your wardrobe.” It’s easy to open the closet and say that there’s nothing to wear, just as it’s easy to open the refrigerator and say there’s nothing to eat. With her famous wit and real-world sensibility, Bethenny shows how to start with the classic, base ingredients – the culinary versions of the perfect pair of jeans and the little black dress – and take risks, be daring, accessorize, and remember that even when eating healthy… variety is the spice of life.

We want to you to have your own copy for your coffee table or book shelf so we are giving two readers the chance to win YOUR very own copy! In a sentence below, tell us just why you can’t LIVE without Bethenny’s words of wisdom. Don’t forget to leave an email address too!

*All comments must be received by Monday, January 18th, at 11:59 EST. The winner will be chosen randomly. Open to U.S. residents only.*

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  1. I LOVE this show and LOVE her first book which is why I really need the second! Looks like a great read!

  2. I seriously need to memorize these rules. ONE reason I NEED the book!

  3. A reason I need this book? I am her biggest fan!

  4. I recently had weight loss surgery and I could really use this book to help me be more successful at eating healthier foods. She is a great chef and has great ideas!

  5. I need this book because I need to be a better cook. I know she can help me!

  6. I want to look like her on this cover - a good reason my hubby thinks I should become educated by this book!

  7. My new years resolution is to eat healthy and take better care of myself. This book is sure to help me do that. AND - I LOVED her first book!

  8. I want to be a better cook and enjoy food without having to worry about gaining weight. I think Bethenny will be able to help with that. She LOVES food and looks SO good!

  9. I can't live without this book because I am a busy mom who, after having two amazing kids, is ready to focus on herself again! That means healthier in every sense. "YOU" gets a little lost when you have small babes. Okay, 3 sentences...hope I'm not disqualified ;-)


  10. Congrats to Darrel & Tracy! You are the winners!
    We will contact you via email to get your address.
    Enjoy your book!
    Cupcake Mag


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