Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cupcakeMAG home edition! Decorating on a Budget!

By Angela Parks, Contributing Writer

Angela's Virgina Beach Home 
This comes as no surprise to those who know me, I LOVE to decorate. I have forever evolving taste. One day I'm obsessed with greens, the next day I'm consumed with blues. Needless to say, I don't believe in spending a great fortune on expendable items in my home. I always pride myself on being a bargain shopper. I'm known for seeking out deals from the clearance bins, ebay or even searching Craigslist.com for (occasional) furniture deals.

I will say that our daily furniture was not necessarily a bargain. We have learned over time to carefully choose our furniture. We are a military family (my husband is a Navy Pilot), so we are mindful to purchase pieces with the knowledge that it needs to fit nicely in our next home. I feel that daily pieces such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, dinning tables, etc should be bought with quality in mind. Simply because you will use them daily and will retain them for many years.
I had the pleasure of opening up my home to host the very first CupcakeMag Retreat! Throughout the weekend I was asked where I had purchased specific items. Honestly, I had to laugh because my response was always the same:
TJ Maxx
Hobby Lobby

Remember it isn't the cost of what you buy,  it is merely WHAT you buy! Decorating doesn't require a fortune.  Take the time to bargain shop, and while you are sitting in your beautifuly furnished home - relish in the fact that you have saved a lot!

How beautiful is the Mrs. Preppy Poppy's home! We just LOVE her style. 
Make sure you check out her new blog all about being a domestic failure. 
Even though we think she is perfect! 
Which room is your favorite?

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  1. Your house is beautiful and comfortable too, that is the perfect balance!


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